I think about my family and how scattered we all are now and it makes me a bit sad. Mom n K are back East. F and P and there kids who are really young adults are overseas. My father has removed himself from my life once again, which is just as well, stubborn ole goat. My biological family is mostly all in upstate NY and I have very little to do with them. Updates come in the way in the form of chain emails which I guess means that everything is o.k. My uncle T and his wife G live down in the Carolinas. We talk probably more frequently then I do with anyone else. I love being here in California. I guess I’m just feeling a bit like I want more connection like I want to feel time isn’t going by as quickly as it is.

Airport Security

I’ve been hearing more and more incidents of airport security really fuckering up well know people, not just your average joe commuter and frankly it bothers me. I don’t believe “celebrities” are entitled to special anything after to be a bit crude we all go to the bathroom the same way. It bothers me because it reinforces my belief that ever since 9/11 this administration has used fear as a tool to strip Americans of more and more of there actual civil freedoms all the while chanting about the mission to give Iraq freedom and democracy. I can’t wait until that ass-hat of a president is out of office. I don’t imagine that things will ever go back to the way they were in this country, when I was younger or even go back to as recently as before this whole nightmare of an administration stole the last presidential election. I’m better venting done.