Conversations and an Orchid

I talked with P this morning while I was in Weho getting my mail and a Starbucks. She is doing well it seems. Gave her my new number. I walked down to the Bodhi Tree to see what time they opened up on Sundays as I think I’m going to go down and browse around for a bit. They were closed but the cool thing was that someone had left a brand new Orchid outside the used bookstore with a note saying Free – Please take. The cool thing about this is M and I had just talked about orchids and he said that he had wanted one. I’ve been working with the whole Power of Attraction as of late and well Here ya go. He asked and now we have one. I say we because in that conversation M mentioned how he was able to successfully kill and air fern. If he can do that I think I’ll be the one taking care of the Orchid which are decidedly more delicate.