getting all the bits working

So I had a bit of a life review today while doing my morning walk/jog. I’ve been walk/jogging about 5k a day now from my current house here in seattle downtown and along the waterfront (Elliott Bay) and then back up the hill to home. Its energizing especially now that I’m not forcing myself to jog to exhaustion. I alternate walk jog walk jog and it works for me. I have a couple of routes planned out for once I get settled in down in L.A. mostly along Franklin to Cahuenga down to Selma over to Highland and back up to Franklin (home). The distance is about the same but there really aren’t any steep hills like here in Seattle. Anyway, the thing with the walking is it gets my head together and I have clearer direction when I do the jog/walks. Being in this house now and not working for almost the last two months I’m going a bit batty. I think some people think of it as being on vacation but that’s not me. I like having routine with adventure thrown in. Being in a house of boxes is as boring to read about as it is to live. So things seem to be coming together, new home fell into my lap. I have refocused on the things that matter to me at this time. Making new friends, getting back in shape doing the kind of work that supports me financially and that I enjoy doing and traveling. These are things that I currently working on. The scale is packed so I haven’t had a chance to weight myself in awhile now it will be interesting ….. low number low numbers no whammy.

Things have definitely been moving along quicker. I am almost done with my current job which ends on Tuesday. Today will be the last full day of work work. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow so I will be leaving at 2:30 for the long weekend. I am glad to be done with it. It has become more and more difficult as I get closer to the end date. The next focus is on packing and sorting. The move will go so much more smoothly if the boxes are packed right and color-coded for easier unpacking. The goal is to have everything packed and ready to go by the time we head down there at the end of June. That leaves most of July
to enjoy, find work and relax. Once the lease is signed and we take possession I will switch over the phone numbers to california. I would like to take care of the car while we are down there in June or at the very least my drivers license. There is so much to do, lots of little things. Time to get ready for work. I had a small accomplishment of sorts. I have started jogging and am able to make it twice around Cal Anderson park. It is 1/3 of a mile around so that’s not so bad.

Oh Happy Day

I got home today a little early to work on a project for one of the Council-members and what should be in the mail but two letters from the H.R. department in Los Angeles. I’m very excited that to share that one of the two was for an interview on May 29th for a Tech Analyst position with the County. The other was a letter letting me know that I had forgotten to include the supplemental application so they couldn’t grant me an interview for that position. I’ll contact them tomorrow and see if I supply the supplemental if I can sit for that position as well. This is incredibly exciting for me. It is completely in line with the vision I have for my life down there. I guess I’m going to L.A. a little earlier than the June 20th visit.

random questions

How do you close an account in Quicken on the mac?

How does one become a professional .NET developer?

Are there really any developers working on the mac platform

If its 60 degrees out today, why am I indoors

Why haven’t I broken through the 153 – 158 weight range

Just some geeky stuff because it was frustrating the hell out of me yesterday. I’m using Leopard on one of my machines, my main one actually. I signed up for .Mac and that is when the troubles started. Suddenly I had all of these programs, mostly iLife/iWorks programs that were starting but not showing the main window. DreamWeaver was doing the same thing and it was pissing me off. I did a google search to no avail. Well I came across one or two posts that indicated that some folks have had trouble with mac spaces. Sure enough I had used mac spaces and when I set it up I had Dreamweaver going to one space, mail to another etc.. I have since turned it off and things seem to be running a whole lot smoother. If you want to check out my updated site . Its still a work in progress. Oh and Happy Easter/Resurrection to all my fellow Pagans/Xiatians out there.

The trip to L.A. was wonderful. It was cool by L.A. standards but compared to Seattle it was pure heaven. We walked everywere everywere, literally. Looking through neighborhoods gathering numbers and even bumping into an old landlord. The reality of what needs to happen to get from here to there hit home and boy is it a lot. The cats, finding a place for the two of us, new jobs. Everyone is saying how much more expensive it is down there compared to Seattle and while it is more expensive for some things overall I really think its going to be about the same. Rent is definately more and will be the bigger challenge. Time will go by quickly and before you know it I’ll be writing from there and bitching about how hot and sunny it is.