grey and overcast out. I’m in a better mood


What a long crappy day! Traffic was hellish everywhere. 2 of my computers, one that I’m selling, and the other that was just upgraded yesterday, died. And and Squiggles has mico, which means we are going to have to put him to sleep now, before he loses wieght and sufficates to death. I’m pissy, sad, angry, sore (my back) and just overal ICKY. Good things were around today, I have a second interview at SpotTaxi and I did get in and hour and a half consultancy with a client today (that’s 175.00). I’m getting 250 for the older laptop that another person is buying from me. Financially things are going really well it’s just the other stuff that kind of put me in a sour mood.

It's a fine cloudy morning

well it’s 8am I’m up. I haven’t written anything of substance, aside from theose weird witty statements. The work situation hasn’t really improved much, and rent is coming due once again. I’m too old for this. Struggle is just stupid.

I’m having such a good time tonight that I just looked (post edit) my last entry and realized that it is 3 in the morning, time to go to sleep.

I just discovered a new (for me) group Hydro, they are described as Xiatian ambient. there first album is Sprirtulisation, it has a very Sounds of London thing going on .. not preachy, very catchy, apparently from the Deja postings I could gather they started back in the mid 90’s which is when the album came out. It is going in my “driving collection”. Musc to enter that ambient space, cause god knows if I’m not in that space I’d might suffer a BAD case of road rage and rip someones head off.

week 1

Just finished up my 1st week working at 2 of the Microsoft campuses. I’m working on a 2 month (possible 3) to move and setup some servers. I spoke with way to many people today I just want to surf, drink my wine and listen to soma fm. more later.