it’s 1:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep well last night I had so much to do today that my brain woke up at 3 in the monring. I new that if I napped this afternoon and drank coffee I’d be up again and so I am. Things are going really well with the job, I’m happier now than in a very long time. Things are coming together in so many ways. I’m down to 233 (from 250). It will be one year being smoke-free at the end of this month. Sprirtually things are not much different than they have ever been with the exception that there is a peace with the journey. Everyone that is important to me is health and doing well which creates a great big space of gratitude in my life. I really need to down some valerian root caps and try and sleep. just wanted to make some noise since I was up.


Today is the day that I bring Begera over to the animal shelter. I feel awful about this but you know Begera’s own behavior has made this choice for him. I can’t have him peeing on my sofa or my bed or Mikes bed for that matter. I have tried everything under the sun, it’s just time. He doesn’t have a medical condition, he has a behavioral problem, he always has. I thought that it was the way that Matthew used to treat him and who knows maybe thats what started the behavior. Begera is 12-13 years old so it’s time. I wish I felt better about this, I don’t and it sucks! I think that Mikes upset with me about this, who knows maybe he’s just upset about Begera going and because I’m feeling like the big bad ogre I’m reading into something that isn’t there. I’ll try DK and see if perhaps she can take him. She is a wonderful woman, I got Tobias Anthony from her. If she can take him that would be super.

The laterst Republican solution to fixing the Iraq prisoner abuse problem, ban cameras, If we just didn’t have any of those pesky pictures there couldn’t possibly BE any torture going on. I say its all very telling, do we really want 4 more years of this?

I’ve been reading all of my usual sites and a few things that have come up over and over “the gay experience”. I’m not really sure what that means even though I consider myself gay. Far too often these digital essays focus on sex and how that defines the gay experience. Maybe for some that is true but certainly not for me. When I was younger, there was more focus on that but really that sex wasn’t ever what defined me as gay. Gay has always been more of a world-view for me. The gay experience is seeing things in technicolor as opposed to a more limited pallate. I’m sure that at least in part this is due to Harry Hays influence both on myself and the orginal “gay rights” movement in general. I think that living ones life in technicolor and without shame would be the best description I could come up with for “the gay experience”.

As an aside, I”m finally getting over my allergys, god were they rought this year. I’ve been working now at my new job for 3 days and I really like it. I’ll be getting business cards sometime next week. Oh yeah I have to post a link to another reason I love this city, daring architecture.

1st day of work

Today is my first day of work. I’ll be going in at 9ish this morning. My new boss told me to be there around 9:30. Today and tomorrow will be mostly about paperwork and orientation. I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday my sore throat finally bloomed into a low-grade fever with chills so I went to be early and took some antihistamine. I had horrible night sweats but feel much better today. My throat is still sore but the fever seems to have broken. Thank god.

I got a call from the city this morning, not too soon after I spoke with you. She was calling to let me know that I passed the background however, she unfortunately was going to have to withdraw the offer. She said that there were budget cuts that went through and my position was being frozen til things got better. She apoligized and indicated that she would check around at some of the other City Departments. I can’t even begin to express how bummed I am about this.

5:20pm update

I got a call while I was out that my new boss that they were wondering if I was interesed in working through the rest of this year as they had the money already allocated for the position. She needn’t have even asked. The benefits to this are I will be in the city system, which makes it easier to find work within the system and I’ll be working. I sure hope to god this works out, I don’t think I could stand to have the carpet pulled from under me again.

Happy Day

I’m very happy to say that at 1130 am on Friday I got a call from the IT Manager for the City of Seattle, and they extended a job offer to me!! Words can’t describe how happy I am about this. I went in and filled out the paperwork that I needed to. They have to do a criminal background check which isn’t a big deal and then I’ll get a start date. I will hopefully start work either sometime this coming week or beginning a week from this coming Monday.

M and I are going out tonight to celebrate. I went out last night but the Cuff was barren there weren’t that many faces that I recognized there. A few and I met some nice guys but otherwise it was anti-climatic. I’m hoping that a bunch of my friends will be there tonight.

It feels like a new chapter is beginning in my life and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Happy Good News

I went to class as usual this morning. It was good we were working on fluid CSS web-design, which is actually pretty cool. So I came home for lunch, left for my DB class only to get there and find out that the class had been cancelled. Some guy doing some research for his church or so he said, one can never really know these things. Anyway, he asked me a bunch of questions about the church and religion in general. It was interesting. I headed up the hill to the Co-op food store for some stuff for dinner. I had planned on making butternut chicken curry with peppers and basil. Instead M and I met up, had a coffee and walked back home. BTW, I should mention it here. I’ve decided to use initials for folks to be considerate of there identities. Most people that know me know who I am referencing anyway.

So I get home and there is an email from the City about the job I have been waiting to hear about. They have been having a hard time checking my references aside from the usual when I worked and how much I made. Apparently the city asks some pretty intense questions. The email was telling me they were having these problems, that they needed at least two references to proceed. As an aside I take this as a very very good sign for my future employment with the city. Anyway, I called the references that I gave them, explained the situation and asked what they could do for me. I called my contact at the city and explained the situation with her, that my references would be happy to answer what questions they could. She indicated to me that they had wanted to make an offer by the end of last week but because they hadn’t been able to confirm my references they had to wait. Yet another possible good sign. In case I hadn’t mentioned it, I really want this job badly. Everything about it fits for me. Anyway, I have a good feeling about this and hopefully I will get a call from the city with an offer by the end of this week. If any of you are so inclined send good thoughts, or prayers in this directions that I get this job.

What a beautiful day. I spoke with an old friend of mine G. We haven’t talked in a long time. He’s going through quite a lot lately. It was nice catching up. I’m losing my focus with school. I really need to pull it together and redouble my efforts. I want a job so badly at this point that It’s really were my focus has been to the exclusion of most other things.

I watched the first part of the mini-series 10.5 . It was the cheesiest piece of crap I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I loved it. My favorite scene of course was dowtown Seattle be destroyed by the toppling Space Needle ( which is located in mid-town Seattle). No mention of the Seattle Viaduct, which almost did come down with the last puny quake we had here awhile back. Well it’s nearing 4pm I need to get out and enjoy the weather a bit today, it’s 68 and sunny so much for the showers that were predicted for today, idiot weather reporters, LOL.