brunch and savings

it was a good day. I’ve been really pushing foreword with achieving some of my goals and I really feel like I made headway today. Mike n I had brunch at the Broadway grill they have a buffet that is pretty good. The waiter there is incredibly hot and seems to pay a lot of attention (I’m thinking big tip here) to us. We did a little shopping for stink sticks (incense) and a few things we needed for the house. In the space of 3 hours we quickly dropped 140.00 bucks on stuff that we really did need to get. Its amazing to me how quickly money gets spent. One of my goals is to rein in the expenses and start saving some. I have made up a lot of ground on my retirement by working for the city and putting extra money away, pre-tax. It is the one thing that I really wish were actually taught in high school is life economics or something similar. Unless your parents teach about these things you really enter into adulthood with very little guidance about money and savings and retirement. I didn’t start even thinking about my retirement account until I was in my later 30’s. All this is not making for an interesting read so I think I’ll end it here. I’ll leave it with if you can save as much as you can as early as you can that was the lesson I’ve learned over the years.


Goodbye to Hammish

So I brought Hammish down to the pet shelter today. Hammish is a Quaker parrot and he can be very loud and squawky. He really is a sweet and smart little guy but his pentiont for biting and needing far more attention than both mike and I could give him and I had to bring him down there. He very seldom would bit me it was everyone else he would bite. The reason I share this other than the guilt of feeling like a horrible pet owner and giving away one of my babies is because all the way there we chatted and I was throwing out energy that he would get a good home. Now I don’t know that he has for sure but no sooner did we get there then there was a couple of woman one of whom was there looking for a bird just like Hammish. She and he seemed to do well when they spent time together, as best as I could tell. I left knowing that he would at least have the opportunity for a good home. The aunty of the woman who is taking him already has a couple of birds and is familiar with there needs so this made me very very happy. I’m still sad that it didn’t work out and I still feel like the most vile pet daddy ever but I’ll just have to get over that. Inside I know I made the responsible decision.

An interesting week

So the week was a long one. I had all of my regular dutys at work along with my team known as the a-team retreat at the U of Washington today. I was on the committee and really enjoyed the process of helping to organize and put this all together. I learned a few things about myself in the process. I learned that I prefer to lead by allowing others to do what they do best and inspire by keeping things on track. I learned that I can be a good artist if I try. I learned that I really like working for the city and in particular for the legislative department. I feel almost like my work has some meaning beyond just what it is. I got home after going for a few beers with a few folks from work and just have this real sense of contentment with were I’m at. I’ve been upset about a few things really mostly about old issues that came up recently. I saw a picture of an ex-friend in L.A. and it really brought up a bunch of the unresolved stuff. This person who was my best friend for many years. Someone I really deeply trusted, over a phone call told me that he would rather I didn’t call him anymore and basically didn’t want to have anything to do with me. I have let go but the pain is still there and a bit of the anger as well. The years since have brought an understanding of why he did what he. The years haven’t brought me to were thinking about it doesn’t hurt anymore. When I think of him now my mind flashes scenes from Death Become Her. I of course am the far more beautiful actress Goldie Hawn and he is the the character played by Meryl Streep, talented but not as dazzling as me. All this to say that this week has been an interesting one and I’m happy for it.

Barbara Boxer Pwns Goofy Old Man as Al Gore Smiles

It’s been shocking to watch the GOP meltdown before our very eyes. Just this week we’ve seen our Governor fight with Rush Limbaugh, and today we saw Barbara Boxer beat down the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, in a beautifully sweet way, we must add.

Is Sen. Inhofe all the Republicans have in this super weird debate over Global Warming? What, no Zell Miller? We never thought we’d see a day when the upper class of the GOP, those who went to expensive schools and send their children to even more expensive schools would look at science and turn its back on it simply because it didn’t fit into their party’s political agenda.

Fascinating how so many of these are Right-to-Lifers who seem to care so deeply what goes on in a woman’s womb, but don’t seem to give one flying fuck about what happens to the environment that those unborn children will try to live in.

Is everyone dumb as a box of dirt over there, or was it always that way?

Meanwhile the Dems should feel rotten that they’ve been getting their ass beaten by retards all these years.

The Underwear Stikes Back

This makes me laugh for some reason. It just seems silly.

Andrew Christian (see earlier Post) the underwear company who signed porn star Roman Heart to display his I mean their goods may be in a little war with rival company Ginch Gonch. It is very interesting that Ginch Gonch are using Roman’s ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Bradley and Ben’s current boyfriend, model Ethan Reynolds, as their cover boys (pictured). Let the gay porn underwear wars begin. Sure I would hit those boys, even if this all seems a little tawdry.

Joe Rogan Banned From The Comedy Store

We don’t know what’s in the water at local comedy clubs but we like it. First it was Kramer and then Damon Wayans and then Anthony Michael Hall at the Laugh Factory and this Saturday Joe Rogan chose to use The Comedy Store to confront Carlos Mencia for allegedly stealing jokes.

Here’s how he explained it on his website:

I had a set at the comedy store Saturday night, and after I closed, I was bringing on the next comedian, a guy named Kirk Fox that works for Carlos Mencia. I introduce him saying that he’s a funny guy, and that he opens on the road for Carlos “Menstealia.” That’s the name we call him at the comedy store, and of course Carlos doesn’t like it one bit.

Carlos was apparently in the room when I said this, and the perfect combination of ego and timing made him decide that this was the night to put his foot down. As I got off stage and headed towards the back of the room, he grabbed the mike away from Kirk, and said that I was too much of a pussy to say that shit to his face.

Which to me, is something akin to the hottest girl in the world daring you to fuck her while you’re standing there in her bedroom naked with a boner.

Judging from the video after the jump, Fear Factorman got into the mind of Mencia, which unfortunately cost him further gigs at the Comedy Store because according to Rogan, Mencia complained to the management of the Sunset Strip comedy landmark that he would feel physically threatened by Rogan if the two were working at the same club together.

So Rogan was given a break from performing at the Comedy store, however he was able to book some shows at the last minute at the Improv on Melrose tonight (also tomorrow at 8:30p and Sat at 10p).

Mencia will be at the Comedy Store this weekend. If you go, video some of it for us.

walking and weight-loss

work has been occupying most of my time. adjusting and learning and getting my new routine down. In the process I’ve managed to lose 11 pounds which I’m pretty happy about. I think the thing that has helped the most is staying away from cookies, potatoes and other like occasions of sin. The other thing that I’ve been doing is snacking on nuts/seeds and whole grain crackers. Oh and taking Omega 3-6-9 supplements everyday. I had really heard good things about the Omegas and the primary thing was that they assist in fat transportation as well as how good in general they are for your brain skin hair eyes and joints. This seems to be true in my experience. Despite my best intentions I haven’t gone back to a gym since last February although I walk on average (at least according to my pedometer) about 10 miles a day. I imagine living in L.A. that I wouldn’t walk nearly as much without the intention to. There is certainly enough inspiration to walk there with all of the trails, Runyan Canyon then again there is always street walking which when I was there was something I did all the time. Most of the time I lived in L.A. it was without a car. Looking back now I don’t know how I did that. I’m sure that it stunted my experience of L.A. in some ways not having easy access to all there is. The good thing about walking is that you really get to know the area your walking in and you discover things that when you drive you otherwise would miss. Anyway, I’m home today getting over some nasty flu bug. I’m in the coughing and draining and feverish phase, very unpleasant. I’m going to finish my tea and head back to bed.

Renting in LA and more from Westside Rentals

benhigh:You may remember a week or two ago when I wrote about Westside Rentals and their F-rating at the Better Business Bureau. The entry brought a bunch of useful information out in the comments and based on how hard it can be to find a rental in LA, I thought a quick summarization might be in order. Here’s the rental resources that the readers threw down. Per always, feel free to leave more in the comments.

Housing Maps – Ever wished instead of listings you could look at available apartments on a map? Housing Maps mashes Craigslist listingsinto a Google Maps interface. Mostly, it’s the most helpful thing ever.

Rentslicer – Wanna know how much everything costs ever averaged and tabulated into neighborhoods? Rentslicer is full of more information than you can probably use.

The Rental Girl – The Rental Girl offers to hook you up with a great place in the greater Silver Lake/Echo Park/”cool” Easty neighborhoods.

Craigslist – C’mon, it’s craigsist.

Rentometer – Put in your rent and see if you’re getting a deal or not as it compares your rent to your neighbors.

Westside Rentals – $60 for two months of exclusive (and non-exclusive) listings.

4 Rent In LA – I know little of this site but someone linked to it in the comments on the last post. Maybe you’re feeling lucky/adventurous?

Of course, there’s no link for just driving around the neighborhood and finding that perfect spot.

I also dropped a line to Westside Rentals asking them if they cared to comment on their poor rating at the Better Business Bureau and ended up on the phone with Westside Rentals CEO Anthony Yannatta. Read on for my impressions of the conversation we had.

Photo from this listing on craigslist. It’s in Atwater Village. Come be my neighbor!

Continued reading Renting in LA and more from Westside Rentals…