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Boxes and Inspiration

More mundane moving shit today. Mike and I got the entire bedroom packed into plastic storage bins with handles. I’ve been buying them whenever they go on sale at Fred Myers. When we ran out of them today, I ran and got 8 more. They happened to be on sale, Lucky Me!! They are great for putting stuff into and will be much much easier to move then boxes. I’ll go back on Monday and pickup some more for the Xmas stuff and things that are already packed into boxes. I’d rather have stuff in these then boxes, much more organized.

Just 3 more weeks and then no one will have to listen to me bitch about the move anymore. LOL, instead it will be what the color scheme for my room is, or were I’m going to put the faux fireplace.

On a completely different note. I highly recommend everyone on my friends list check out Goddess Krings website. She is not only beautiful but a very moving ArTist.

One of the ideas that Goddess Kring has inspired is part of my homepage redesign. Once moved I plan on an art project I’m tentativly calling Capitol aRt – Visual Veins of Seattles. One of the definitions of veins is “a prevading character or quality.” One of the things about Seattle that I truly love is its character. It is such a unique city among the citys that I’ve lived in. There are many who come here but never stay long enough to discover the little things, the enduring things that make it such a wonderful place. I hope to visually capture that character from my perspective, from the point of view of what makes Seattle special. Anyway, thats the plan.

Dean Dean he's our man

Taken directly from Scott Hackers website, cause he expressed so clearly my feelings about Dean.

Stirring campaign announcement speech by Howard Dean. The more I learn about him, the more I like. And more than any candidate I’ve known of, Dean is using the collaborative power of the internet to build support. All politicians and candidates have had web sites, but Dean has a blog and a meetup space. More importantly, he’s somehow managed to generate more backing funds in a shorter period of time than analysts figured he’d be able to. There’s a lot to his platform, but what seems to be lighting fires is his blunt declaration that we’re not just living through a standard right-wing pendulum swing — the country has been taken over by extremists who don’t represent what most Americans believe America stands for.

3 hungry cats, no wet food at 630am is a very very bad thing. Tobey, adorable though annoyingly vocal as he is was having none of it. Poor Mike was trying to keep him quiet but he was determined to let me know (I was sleeping) that he wanted his wet food, damn it. I of course without the benefit of caffiene yet, and of course only recently having quit smoking was probably just as foul tempered as I could be at having been awakened at such an unspeakable hour. In other words I got up yelled at Tobey, had some coffee and am typing this now, seeing as I’m finally awake. Bad kitty, bad bad kitty.

3 days no smoking and I’m feeling pretty good. It becomes easier and easier as you go along. The key for me is learning to deal with stressful situations, or bar scenes. I’ve started smoking again almost always when I’m in a bar and have been drinking. Well, there’s the obvious answer then. My new house will be a non-smoking one, except out on the porch. I think that will be really helpful to me, not to mention the critters that live indoors. Don’t get me wrong, I like smoking. I genuinely do. There are certain situations were it’s almost called for that one would be smoking, like for example; In a bar while drinking, or at a cafe sipping on coffee. The health difficultys some folks end up with are part and parcel of living as far as I’m concerned. There are just as many folks that end up with cancer or heart disease or hit by the random passing car ( like my mother for example). We are all going to die, granted one doesn’t need to accelerate the process and for some folks smoking does that. There are numerous folks that have lived there whole lives smoking without the associated problems that smoking contributes to. I’m stopping because I’m not one of those folks. My breathing is NOT the same as someone my age who doesn’t smoke. There is the beginnings of asthma and chronic bronchitis. It’s time to stop and clean my body out. Thankfully, I’m not one of those intolerable ex-smokers. I will always support anothers right to injest what they chose into there own body. It’s not the goverments job to tell me what I can or cannot do with myself. Well, time to go pickup some grocerys and then Mike (from work). Barbequing tonight followed by Big Brother.


So our houseguests arrived on Saturday afternoon as we had expected, a little bit later then we thought. Nathan’s girlfriend ended up coming as well last minute. It was nice having everyone here, a bit crowded for us but it worked out fine. Since it was later in the day than we had expected there arrival we opted out of going downtown to the Market. Instead we went to Larry’s and picked up some things for barbequing instead, a good 4th of July weekend activity. Failo, did the cooking, which was nice and everyone just relaxed and gabbed before dinner. We all decided to go out afterwards to karoake, which turned out to be really fun. We stayed til closing, which we almost never do. Sunday morning, and everyone gets up, has breakfast. We had planned ahead of time to go downtown, walk around a bit and then head up to beer bust at the Cuff. It, thankfully turned out to be a really nice day out. It was fun walking around window shopping. We ate some lunch at Sonya’s downtown, which is always nice as they have a kick-ass view of Elliot Bay from were you eat. I grab a cab and we all pile in and head on up to Cuff, around 3:30-4 ish. It was nice just hanging out, relaxing enjoying then sun and talking. Mike showed up and we had some good conversation. LIke I’ve mentioned before I like hanging out with him, but feel this pressure to fuck. I’m not really into that right now. I have too many other things going on in my life for that to be a priority. Well, as it turns out he does too, at least that’s what he told me. So the skinny then is that he is welcome to come hangout at the house, have dinner and stuff. Monday rolls around and my houseguests end up taking off for Eastern WA around 2:30pm. I am exhausted from the weekend, all I could think about was sleeping. I pick Mike up from work a bit early and we head home. We both grab some of the leftovers in the frig and end up falling asleep in the livingroom. I wake up and head to the bedroom, I figure it’s only about 7pm but I’m just exhausted I don’t care if I wakeup at 2 in the morning. I did wakeup at an ungodly hour, head out to the livingroom and watch some stuff Tivo has recorded, mostly Star Trek episodes. I go back to sleep around 4ish and am now sitting here writing this rather boring entry. I’m back on track with what we have to do for the move, packing on the weekends as well as during the day. I’ve put a few things up for sale on eBay, mostly older computer stuff. It’ll be nice if the stuff actually sells. It’s overcast and chilly today, only 64 right now (11:25am). Mikes not feeling well so he’s leaving work at 1pm and I’ll go get him then. I have to run some errands before that so I’ll leave here around 12:30pm. I haven’t gotten back in the daily groove yet, I feel slightly off.

So I started the weight watchers point systm today. It’s actually pretty cool as a new way of eating goes. I think the thing I most aware of is that I don’t watch how much of anything I eat. I currently weigh 244, which is about 70 pounds more that my ideal BMI says I should. I think that if I weighed 170 that would be way way too thin for me. I’m looking at being around 200. I plan on working-out once I get moved and I’m sure that I’ll be doing a lot more walking once I’m moved. I’ve got to get the weight off as there is a history of diabetes in my family as well as I just need to. I think I’ll feel better, physically if I lose some weight.

The way the points system works is that you record everything you eat. Everthing has a point value and basically you eat whatever you want as long as you don’t go over your points total. Most foods that I eat are like 2-5 points so I actually can eat a lot. Starchs and Sweets are my big weakness.

Mikes sister arrives tomorrow, I’m looking forward to having some houseguests for the weekend. We are going to go to the Market tomorrow once they get into town. Sunday we are going to Cuff for a few drinks and probably some of ArT exhibits downtown. Heading off to bed now, I’m pretty tired today.

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The boxing of stuff begins, I got the computer closet at least in a semi-organized state of whatever. I’m dumping several older macs off at the thrift-store later on this morning. There is a large industrial strength laser printer as well. The damn thing must weigh at least 50 pounds. In other news I’m forward posting a link to a bill that’s going through the Senate right now, thanks to Ombraorsa. I really feel that it’s important to give voice to thought, otherwise mental impotence is inevitable, in other words Use it or Lose it! Seeing as I have a personal interest in Diabetes and the effort to stem the tide of Insurance companys efforts to whittle away at what they cover is minimal, I sent off letters to both my Senators.

Well, it’s time to hit the shower, get dressed and begin my day. Woohoo, errands to dull to even mention.

A busy month ahead

One month and 8 days til Mike and I are in the new apartment and finally finally living downtown. The plans for this month are to get Dexter updated on his shots, and get ID chipped. He’s not an outdoor kitty, neither is Tobey for that matter, but with living downtown a little precaution is always a good idea. We have been getting boxes for the last little bit, so we will start packing on Saturdays from now until the end of the month or until everything is packed. Mikes sister, boyfriend and a friend are driving out from eastern WA at the beginning of next month and will help with the move. I was going to hire a mover but they offered to do it for half of what the movers would so we decided to keep it in the family and save some money in the process. Speaking of Michelle and Failo, they’ll be coming out to visit the weekend of the 4th for the holidays. It’ll be nice to see them again. They come out at least once a year, and we always have a good time. So the packing and moving end of things are covered. I really didn’t want this move to be a rushed affair. I’ve been sorting and packing and throwing away stuff now for almost a year little bit by little bit. I’m grateful for having done this now that it’s coming time to actually have to move.

Later today I’m heading down to Pikes Market to pick up some tea spoons for Nana’s teaset that I bought her recently. I’ll try and get this off to her later on when I get home. I also want to go to the german deli in the Market to pickup some more wieners and deli meats. Once you’ve gone german wiener, ordinary wieners just don’t (pardon the pun) cut the mustard any longer.

I’ve straightened the house a bit already this morning. I don’t see the point with us moving and everything but it just drives me f*cking crazy when it’s messy.

The bills are all paid through August so theres no worrys there. It’s straight cash to the bank for the move. I really want this move to hurry up and happen already. It’s not that I’m anticipating a great flurry of activity, I just want to get settled and start nesting again in the new place. I want to get into the new routines that will come with the move. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most, new routines being central to downtown and all that goes with it. NOT having to be the designated driver if Mike or Mathew or anyone else decides to go out. Well I should get my day started.