A New direction

As I have already posted in previous entries, I’ve been really examining a lot of different elements in my life. I think in some measure its because I feel safe and cared for, having gotten married back in June. My marriage and all the ways it affects myself, Lonnie and well everything is a whole other blog post. Computers, those other partners that have become such an inseparable part of most of our lives (in such a short time). I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a working relationship with at least three different computers, their phones as well as work and home machines. In a lot of ways they have become like family members. You may not like them but you can’t get rid of them. So back to my original posting. I have like most people been primarily a Windows user and then when I could afford them a Mac user. I have flirted with that bawdy mistress operating system, Linux. it was only ever a short term dalliance. She never satisfied me completely that is until recently. It started with my iMac and my Macbook pro’s motherboard dying at the same time. It moved from there to Microsoft moving from what I believed has been a generally good direction with Windows 8.1 to what seems to me another misstep with Windows 10. I have two Windows phones both of which I bought out of my love of an older technology Microsoft developed (and the seed for what has become Windows 8) Zune media player. Windows phones are things of beauty, they really are. The problem is that they just don’t have the market share like Android (who’s direction I really do like, despite the privacy concerns I have) or iPhones who are looking stale and dated like two week old bread. So my Macs died, Windows is moving in the wrong direction. I really felt like I had to take another look at Linux again. So I took the plunge and have loaded up one my laptops with Ubuntu. I couldn’t be happier. It feels light, pretty and does just what I want it to do, how I want it do it. Having sat with this system now for a bit of time. I feel pretty sure the difference between what didn’t work for me with Linux before and the reason why it does now is because of two primary factors. Chrome, which is a goddess send. Most of the apps I run are no longer installed in the traditional sense, they are on-line. This provides a host of benefits the most important in my estimation is that I can move between machines (windows, mac, Linux) without having to install and configure on each machine. This model is why Chromebooks work for the vast majority of people. The second is Cloud storage. I have several Terra bytes of information stored in the cloud. All of my documents, data files, pictures and music. This again allows me to use whatever app I want depending on the machine and access the same data without making multiple local copies. The next move after my contract is up is to move over to Android based phones. The only thing holding me back with that is iMessage. I message a lot, group messages, read message notifications, the other person typing, these are all important to me.


well I’m headed to New York on Sunday. Mom called tonight to let me know that she had found grandma had passed last night. From the looks of things it appears that she had had a massive heart attack and died sitting in her favorite chair. I’m not sure how I’m feeling, I’m sad as it is the passing of an era in our family, I’m also more concerned for my mom, she has always maintained herself emotionally, even when she was wailing and hollering at us, it’s disconcerting to hear her breaking apart like this. I managed to get a flight out of here on Sunday morning and arriving at almost midnight there time in Newark. I’ll spend a week there which means I’ll be without computer for a week, shudder, I’ll have to resort to actually writing in my paper journal. I’m hoping to spend some time with Karen and Franca as well. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. I don’t have any pants to wear that fit me, so I’ll need new black pants and I’ll have to pack everything… all this bother. Grandma C was the first one to teach me how to cook, granted it was strawberry jello, but to a 6 year old thats a lot of fun. I’ll miss you grandma I love you.. Kenny


So it looks like Mike and I are going to be moving East at the end of this year. We are headed to the land of hanging chits. I’ve been wanting to move now for quite some time and it’s just the right time. We won’t be moving til the end of the year, but I can think of no better place than Orlando in January. We will be keeping on eye on the oppurtunitys there as well as going in Spring/Summer to visit. I really think that Mike will really like it there and I know that I will. It will be nice to be closer to my family and espcially my Dad. Aside from that I’m still looking for work, and working out everyday, I’ve lost 5 pounds already. I really need to change the portions of food I eat, I eat like twice as much as I should. I’m in the midst of redoing my homepage and will posting it soon.

I’ve been feeling really good lately. I’ve been consistently working out, daily at the gym. I’ve been feeling sore some days, but in a good way. I’m still studying my Carlton Sheets material. I’ve also started a DreamWeaver course, to help me with Web development, which is something that I definitely want to get into. We;ve been getting quite a bit of snow up here, for the last 3 days, that’s a lot for this area. Last year it snowed twice if memory serves, and stuck to the ground once. Mike and had the ordeal of cutting Mr. Tobey’s claws, he sure hates having it done, but they get so sharp that he can’t play with me without slicing me to shreds.

I got a lot of stuff done today. I am feeling really accomplished. Tomorrow I have to get a subscription to the Newspaper, Send off letters to the Credit agencies, review chapter 2-3. The other good thing is that I actually got a call from Wamu today, they were taking up my cause and refunding me the money that I’ve been fighting with them for now since last July. I am impressed, I think I will stick with them. My bronchitis seems to be clearing up, and all without antibiotics, physically I feel much better. I’m going to start going back to the gym starting on Monday.

Made the switch to OS X. I couldn’t be happier. I put it on a 20 gig fast ATA drive on the PM 9500. I know it could be a lot faster than it is but it works mostly fine for me now. I see the slowdown in speed as inspiration for getting a better mac. The Intel machine is now sitting on the sidelines, with it’s own monitor, it’s become a glorified DVD/TV player now.

I woke up around 4:40 am, read some emails, and blog sites took some more Nyquil, had some tea, sent Mike off to work and now that the Nyquil is kicking in I’m going to try and sleep for a bit.. I still feel foul and sound even worse. Aside from it all I actually feel pretty good. things are going ok, aside from my hatred of banks and Seattle drivers. Queer as folk was on last night, 2nd season premiere, it was ok, prediciable and a bit racey if you ask me. nighty night

What is it with everyone gettign sick? I mean I know it’s the winter and all. My sinuses are plugged tight, I am wheezing and I don’t smoke, I’m coughing and not producing anything to show for all of the work annnndd I can’t sleep because I cough and wake myself up. I hate being sick.

On a different note. I’ve been reading a lot of Catholic apoligetics stuff, I’m searching I’m not sure why this has become important to me but it has.

Moving to the cloud

Right around the holidays I started reflecting not just on the previous year but on also on the technology in my life and how it gets used.  I’ve always been one to appreciate simplicity, ease of use as well as minimalism, not just in my home life but also in all things technical.  A clean desktop without tons of icons runs better and is easier to be more productive on. A computer running only the software that is necessary to get the job done is far easier to maintain and troubleshoot than one with bloated with software.  So as the year came to an end I set about reducing the number of devices I use as well as coming up with an effective solution for maintaining cross platform compatibility when it comes to my data.  We all use tons of data, everything from our address book to recipes to Facebook to twitter to of course the probably 1000’s of pictures and music files we all have. I needed a way to not only have a “hard” copy one but to also have that sync’d to my online cloud services.  This was my big geeky project for the Winter break, to consolidate all of the many folders of data scattered about on Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones and my Windows phone.  The second part of the project was to sync this now aggregated, organized folder up to the cloud services that I use, which currently are OneDrive and Dropbox.  Just a side note, I’ve become more and more attracted to Android and Google and easily see myself moving over to this platform if Microsoft doesn’t get its next iteration of Windows phones just right. So knowing that i had to sync in a three way configuration I was on the hunt for either and app or a service that would accomplish this easily and without complicating my life or taking away from my rather limited time.  The solution I’ve found and can highly recommend is cloudHQ, it in fact was built with this very scenario in mind.  I’m really happy that I found this service and can recommend them if you are looking to accomplish creating an organized, redundantly backed up centralized folder system available on ALL your devices  There web address is https://www.cloudhq.net.  Let them know Ken sent you if you do and let me know what your experience is as well.

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