I weighed myself this morning, like I do once a week now.  I’m down to 251.5 and 33% body fat.  I haven’t lost any weight from last week but I have gone down 1% on the body fat side.  This is good and I do notice that everything looks a bit tighter.  I fit into my pants much more easily except for having to tighten the belt an extra notch. 


I can taste the Del Taco now.

I’m heading down to SoCal day after tomorrow.  I have a late flight, leaving at 6:30 and get there at 9pm.  I think I’m going to just take a taxi from the airport to my hotel.  I’m staying at the Ramada on Santa Monica Blvd.  I talked with Barb tonight and I think we are going to get together for coffee on Friday morning with her mom.  I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t seen her since I was down there.  I’m really trying to pack a lot into 3 full days/nights.  There is a lot of picture taking going on and I’m looking forwards to hanging out with friends still down there.  I don’t have plans to go the parade with anyone yet.  Barb is headed overseas on Sunday and the few other friends are either have plans already or are working.  So I’m going to go it on my own.  If any of my LJ friends wanna meet for coffee or a beer shoot me an email at [email protected].

Vivace's moving, but not going far

I’m hopeful that this development will revivie Broadway and restore it to its almost like West Hollywood feel.  There is a lot going on downtown but like the article said its mostly for the rich, who are they?  condos downtown start at 1/2  a mil.  There are so many going up that I find it hard to believe there is really that much of a market for them.  I’d love a unit in the Brix building, which if I remember start at 300’s for 1 bedroom units.   

Sound Transit will tear down not only the brick building on East Denny Way where Espresso Vivace has been since 1992, but also 19 other buildings on Broadway between East John Street and East Denny Way, to build a light rail station.

Source: Vivace’s moving, but not going far

Is Tinkywinky, in fact, queer? Enquiring polish pols want to know.

I guess we’re back to these most important of questions.  I’d ask who cares but the answer is obvious that hate and fear do.  So sad. 

Xeni Jardin: A member of Poland’s conservative government was reported to have called for a formal investigation into the sexuality and gender identity of Tinky Winky and the other Teletubbies:

Ewa Sowinska, government-appointed children rights watchdog, told a local magazine published on Monday she was concerned the popular BBC children’s show promoted homosexuality. She said she would ask psychologists to advise if this was the case. In comments reminiscent of criticism by the late U.S. evangelist Jerry Falwell, she was quoted as saying: “I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady’s purse, but I didn’t realize he’s a boy. At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this Teletubby … Later I learned that this may have a homosexual undertone.”

Link to Washington post article. A subsequent item in Reuters quotes Ms. Sowinska as backtracking from those earlier comments to something that amounts to a Teletubbie “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Link. (thanks, Scott) Previously on BoingBoing:

  • Teletubbies in cocaine bust
  • Teletubbies Shooting Gallery
  • Fight off Teletubbies with a chainsaw
  • Pat Robertson coloring book

  • Source: Is Tinkywinky, in fact, queer? Enquiring polish pols want to know.

    Eastward Bound

    Mike and I are heading to Eastern Washington today. We are going to Pullman to visit with his family. I’m glad because it will be nice to have a few days out of Seattle to a quieter place. The weather is looking like it will be cooperative, its currently a bright and sunny 54 degrees. I will post pics when I get back.

    America's Rainiest Cities – Gadling


    Link to America’s Rainiest Cities – Gadling

    Posted May 23rd 2007 10:00AM by Willy Volk
    Filed under: United States

    Recently, my wife and I were discussing places we’d like to live, and Seattle popped up. During our discussion, she worried that Seattle might be too gloomy, too overcast, and too rainy for us. I guess I’ll have to share with her this list, which ranks the rainiest cities in the US. Seattle doesn’t even crack the Top 10.

    1. Mobile, Alabama
    2. Pensacola, Florida
    3. New Orleans, Louisiana
    4. West Palm Beach, Florida
    5. Lafayette, Louisiana
    6. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    7. Miami, Florida
    8. Port Arthur, Texas
    9. Tallahassee, Florida
    10. Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Amusingly, I live outside the fourth rainiest city (which is currently in its fifth week of water restrictions, thanks to a drought). Maybe it’s time to pack up and move to Seattle, after all.

    Mea Culpa

    Sorry to those who use Firefox.  I had put up a video on my livejournal site.  I didn’t realize until just today that everytime you access my site either as a friends page or seperatly it will autoplay the video.  How annoying and a little suprising to have the computer talk when you don’t expect for it to.  I removed the offending entry so that won’t happen.

    Home Gym

    As part of my commitment to losing 75lbs (total) and getting into better shape I bought a Weider Max Ultra home gym.  Well I got home today to an enourmous box, probably the biggest one I’ve ever had shipped to me.  It weighed 146 lbs and the short end of the this is that I’ve been putting the thing together all night.  Its not complicated or difficult, except getting the seat in place its just I wanted make sure I have it right.  Its not quite together yet although I’m close.  There is only the cabling to finish up, some pads and thats about it.  The beast as I’m calling it is now sitting in what used to be the diningroom.  Mike and I really never used that room so no at least it will be put to good use.  I figured between this and modifiying my eating I’ll be good to go. below is a picture of the beast.  It looks pretty snazzy in the diningroom. 


    Turbo.264 USB video encoding ''thumb device'' announced by Elgato

    A bit geeky I know but then so am I.  This is very cool. 

    Elgato Systems announces the Turbo.264: a hardware encoder in USB stick format that converts video files to the H.264 (MP4) format for iPod, Apple TV, and Sony PSP. Turbo.264 accelerates exports by a factor of 4 on an Intel Core 2 Duo up to a factor of 10 on a PowerPC G4. The Turbo.264 is able to offload the computationally intensive software conversion of video files away from your Macintosh, leaving it free for other tasks–a virtual co-processor for the Mac. Turbo.264 supports all Macs…
    [[ This is just a taste, visit MacMerc.com for the full story! ]]

    Source: Turbo.264 USB video encoding ”thumb device” announced by Elgato