The Blessings of Middle Age

I’ve been noticing more and more the things that used to upset, bother, rile me up or even piss me off no longer have a draconian and sin inducing effect on me anymore. I’m getting old.  It’s not an accomplishment that I’ve earned its one that comes with breathing.  In my 20’s and 30’s other drivers gave me deep insight into the mindset of mass murders.  My lack of patience and frequent cursing was an almost weekly conversation at Confession with my Priest.  At some point venial sins commited over and over begin to resemble family members more than behavior to be restrained.  Now that I am well into my 50’s I’m Blessed in so many more ways than I was as a youth.  It’s interesting to see how frequently the Bible talks about the folly of youth and how with age comes wisdom and understanding.  Grace is a gift we are given almost continuously it is strength unmerited and freedom unearned.

When I first noticed this I began to become concerned that I was not being compassionate, empathetic anti-social.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I care more deeply as I get older but not in the way I did when I was younger.  I look to the longer term.  if you’re making choices that aren’t healthy I’m less inclined at this point to correct you directly and more inclined to suggest, pray and trust.  My Will imposed on you is of no use to the lesson God is trying to teach you. I have learned God knows better how, when and where.  He doesn’t need my help getting you to a closer relationship with Him.

These are just some of the thoughts playing around in my head tonight. I wanted to get them online to see what You (dear reader) have noticed in your lives and walks with God about getting older.   Please comment and share, lets have a conversation.

It’s not so much an island as an Archipelago

This year for Long Beach Pride I had decided that it was time to “come-out” as Catholic.  After many many years of struggle to find my place in the Church, I think I’ve arrived at a kind of, not truce, but genuine place of Peace. I bought a t-shirt basically announcing such.  The response I got was amazingly heart-warming.  I had a number of people comment on the shirt, or begin conversations with me about their spiritual journey and how difficult its been to find others, to find their sense of place, particularly within the Catholic Church.  It has been true for me as well that I have often felt like I was living on an island off the coast of an even larger island. 

LGBT Cathlic

Here’s the Truth though.  We as members of the LGBT community have unique gifts that we bring, gifts that the Church needs, particularly at a time in its history when she is suffering assaults about relevancy in this day and age.  We have always played a strong creative role, bought color to whatever community we are a part of.  People need a Faith community, they need to know God more in their daily lives as the God of Love, of friendship.  The God that journeys with them where they are at.  I know I do.  If I didn’t have this, my life would be about trying to fill it with things that do not satisfy.  I encourage you, wherever you are at in your Spiritual journey, wether that means you are Catholic, Evangelical, Pagan/Wiccan, Jewish or something or nothing at all, find community.  Find that place you can give of yourself, through feeding the hungry, volunteering your time and skills.  You will find in return you will have an invisible support for those times when along the journey when you need it most.