LA Archbishop says amended confession bill still targets priests, Catholic employees

I have some thoughts about this and I’m not sure they’re going to be popular.  I’ve always been taught and belief to this day that the sanctity and inviolability of the Confessional is not something up for secular policies to dictate.  It’s one of the Traditions in Catholicism that is uniquely Catholic.  This being said I absolutely think that everyone, priests, church officials, religious and well, everyone that harms, hurts or in someway violates a child, should have to answer in the here and now. People in positions of power and authority to my way of thinking really should be accountable to an even Higher standard.  Can you imagine what it would look like if the State gets a say on what happens in the confessional?  Do you think that people would simply stop availing themselves of this Grace we’ve been given if they can’t be sure what their confessor is going to do with the information they’ve just told him.  The bottom line is that the confessional is for answering to the Judge of All and receiving absolution there not for answering to Secular laws.  In some ways the confessional is a bit like Vegas, what happens in the confessional should stay in the confessional.  What are your thoughts, please remember be charitable and kind in your responses to each other.