Boycotting Supporters of Prop 8

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Boycotting Supporters of Prop 8: “

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is crying foul as they now somehow feel singled out by the GLBT community protesting the passage of Proposition 8. In a statement released by LDS; ‘It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled out for speaking up as part of its democratic right in a free election…it is wrong to target the Church and its sacred places of worship for being part of the democratic process.’

It’s very nearly laughable that LDS and it’s members are now shocked and dismayed by the GLBT backlash, even though Mormons led a distinct grass roots effort to pass Prop 8. To this date regarding contributions, of those, 3,365 (51%) have been identified as Mormon/likely Mormon. These donations represent $15,305,050.17, or 48% of all donations including political contributions from all fifty states and more than twenty foreign countries. It is a fact that LDS chapels across the country had special donation forms in every foyer of their chapels, and individual were encouraged to use the donation forms so that wards and stakes would ‘get credit for’ specific goals and assessments.

Members themselves admit that without the massive fundraising and organization of LDS, the measure would have failed. Now the church is somehow shocked that their efforts to secure the use of government to impose their world view on people who do not share their faith, have distinct repercussions. Translation, we didn’t think our involvement would create such a public relations nightmare yet call into question actions that cross not only an ethical line but a civil one, seeing as religious institutions misused their resources largely guaranteed from tax exemptions to promote laws that limit civil rights.

Lets not forget the moral implications of funding directed toward promoting laws that restrict the rights of others to be treated equally and calls into question the religious idea of brotherhood, i.e. time and energy away from helping the poor, destitute and hungry. It is unconscionable that a donation in the name of your god, your leader, your bible or doctrine meant one less meal, one less dosage of medicine, for those less fortunate. The zealousness of those seeking total integration of religious law into the daily lives of fellow Americans via their checkbook is appalling, fanatical, and Un-American.

But really, lets give credit where credit is due, there’s been plenty of funding and equal opportunity homophobia to go around. Allow me to present a small yet handy dandy take it with you guide to the those who donated money to restrict your individual and civil rights.

#1. Catholic Organizations – Jesuit raised and educated, this one pains me to no end and causes my blood pressure to blow through the roof. To me, it’s appalling that at a time when Catholic diocese around the U.S. are closing hundreds of urban and inner city schools and churches, this group can ill afford to be spending millions to legislate hatred and bigotry. Facts are that Catholic Organizations, represented the second largest group of donors who helped pass Prop 8. Knights of Columbus ( whose founding principles are charity, unity, fraternity (but not bigotry) gave nearly 2 million to the fight. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Saint Andrews Alms fund round out the group of homophobes.

#2. National Organization for Marriage – Maggie Gallagher is the President of this Non-Profit that’s been set up as a national resource for marriage related initiatives happening on the state and local level ( This group gave over 1.5 million to enshrine homophobia in California.

#3. Fieldstead & Co – According to The Daily Beast’s ‘The Man Behind Proposition 8″; ‘Few Americans have heard of Ahmanson—and that’s the way he likes it. He donates cash either out of his own pocket or through his unincorporated Fieldstead & Co. to avoid having to report the names of his grantees to the IRS. His Tourette’s syndrome only adds to his mysterious persona, as his fear of speaking leads him to shun the media. While Ahmanson once resided in a mental institution in Kansas, he now occupies a position among the Christian right’s power pantheon as one of the movement’s most influential donors.’ Fieldstead and Co gave nearly 1.5 million.

#4. Elsa Prince – This one’s really charming, Elsa Prince is the widow of Michigan-based Christian backer Edgard Prince who co-founded the Family Research Council, and the mother of Erik Prince, founder of the controversial mercenary firm, Blackwater. I’ve found conflicting numbers on the size of her donation but it sits over a half million and might even be approaching a million.

#5. American Family Association – Donald Wildmon, Chair. (, (AFA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes conservative Christian values. Widely known for their efforts advocating censorship of print and electronic media. The group fights against same-sex marriage, and opposes equal-rights and hate-crime legislation that would include sexual orientation and gender identity. They’ve repeatedly tried to criminalize homosexuality through various legislation. Their donation tops the half million dollar mark.

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National Protest link

I mentioned the national protest on 8 rally in my last entry but I brain-farted and forgot to put the link, here it is

Keep the momentum going. I was reminded of the effect marching really has when I was walking home from the protest the other night. I overheard a group of young people talking about 8 and while they didn’t get that it was about marriage rights for everyone they did get that there was an injustice done and that they knew that was wrong. On the glass half empty side, I’ve also been hearing a lot from the yes on 8 side saying to just get over it and move on. My response is a big fuck that!! You should never have had the right to vote on my marriage any more than I should, to vote on yours. When do I get to come into the privacy of your home and tell you that oh say, you can can children but because you are x,y, or z you are only allowed to have one. The rights of a minority can not and should not be legislated by a vote of the majority. That’s kind of the point of equal protection under the law. So NO, I’m not happy to just “get over it” and move on and frankly I don’t think half the people that voted yes really understand the bigger civil rights and privacy issues that this amendment speaks to. I really do think that the majority of those that voted yes on 8, while fundamentally good people voted religiously and that’s just wrong. Laws in this country should never be based on a particular religious preferences in this case Judaeo/Xiatian ones. Domestic Partnership is not the same as Marriage! Ok, I’m done ranting.

Furor over Prop 8 continues

Tonight I went down and joined in the protest march. I sat and yelled and vented my frustration along with other californians. Never did I think I would sit in the middle of Hollywood Blvd and Highland. Tomorrow is a another protest at the Mormon church in west L.A. For those following, please consider signing this petition for the IRS to revoke the tax exempt status of the LDS church which can be found at;

and finally there is going to be a national protest next Saturday. See the link below for info on your location. I’ll be joining in here in L.A. If I don’t speak up, my voice my thoughts will not count. Marriage equality is everyones right, straight gay black or white. Keep your religion out of my states legislation.

Petition IRS to revoke Church of Latter Day Saints tax-exempt status

This is from this Facebook page.  Please consider signing this petition.

The separation of church and state has a qualification that no political endorsements of candidates or excessive lobbying and donations are given to ballot initiatives in exchange for tax-exempt status. The amount of money and the amount and type of effort seem to be a gray area.

The LDS church contributed a significant amount of money and effort (including alleged phone banks run from church property) to endorse PROP 8 in California via its network of church, media, and community outlets enshrining discrimination under the law for thousands of Californians and their families.
In exchange for their legislative efforts, the LDS church’s tax-exempt status should be reviewed by the IRS.
"In general, no organization, including a church, may qualify for IRC section 501(c)(3) status if a substantial part of its activities is attempting to influence legislation (commonly known as lobbying)."

I believe the church’s involvement in YES ON 8 is in violation of Federal Tax code given the $22+ million in play for the YES campaign, $17+ million by LDS activity. These were not random donations, this was a coordinated drive to mobilize its membership to donate in their name.

This group is not about bashing Mormons or any other group, it’s focused upon the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of the church. Inappropriate messages bashing the church will be removed. Let’s stay focused and civil.
I encourage you to spread word of the group to those who may have more insight into the legal and tax implications as well as your friends and family.

Post links to related news articles and keep the dialog going.

Here’s the link to the petition:

Prop 8 wins enshrining bigotry into the California constitution

The good news is that Obama won and I even did my “little pig with lipstick” happy dance.  I’m greatly disheartened however that prop 8 won.  How someone could vote yes on this bill and at the same time say they aren’t treating GLBT people any differently, that its about protecting straight marriage, is beyond me.  A bigot is still a bigot regardless of what they say their intentions are.  The whole Protecting marriage things is a crock of shit, protecting your marriage by denying other people the right to marry just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Explain exactly how denying someone else the right to civil marriage (not religious) protects your marriage.  It doesn’t affect your marriage at all at least I can’t see it.  If your marriage is fucked up to begin with that’s on you and is your responsibility to fix or change.  The two largest organizations that supported this were the Catholic church which has its own issues with fidelity and the Mormons who up until not that long ago considered sacred one man, many wives (which I’m not against in principle) some unofficial branches of Mormonism still do. I say outlaw divorce and infidelity if you want to protect marriage so badly.  Bring back public beatings for those having affairs.  Make woman wear scarlet “A”’s and shun men whose lack of fidelity shows they are nothing more than dogs.  I’m exaggerating of course but seriously start at home with your own marriage and leave other peoples alone.  Yes on 8 won because they used fear, deception and religion, how shameful.  I am in the long term  hopeful because using fear, deception and religion will NOT win out in the end.  It didn’t win out when interracial marriages were banned and it didn’t win when woman or blacks couldn’t vote. This will be challenged and the tide will be turned.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon, truth, equality and fairness are always on the side of the justice and justice always wins.  So while right now I’m mad as hell, I know the Change we need as a nation is coming and religious based bigotry will not prevail.