New Sofa

Work has been going well. There is something pretty cool about driving down Santa Monica Blvd. at 1am. There is almost no one (except cops and the occasional driver) around. I zip home from Century City in just under 14 mins. L.A. at night has always been my favorite time here. The house is coming together. I’ve started buying furniture to replace the pieces I gave away in Seattle. Today the new sofa came. M had to help the UPS lady carry it in. He took a photo and sent it to my iphone. It looks really nice. Its a stylish dark dark green. There aren’t any crazy patterns or anything like that. So work is good, home life is good. I’ve started meeting people even if I have been a bit of a flake about getting together with them. The critters are all good. So to all of the haters that thought L.A. was a bad move for me and you know who you are, I’m throwing happy thoughts your way even if you were throwing thoughts of failure and sadness mine. The next thing is to finish getting the living room setup. I’m looking for the right chair to go with the sofa. The plasma TV is also on its way so I’ll be able to move the 32” HD back into my room. M and I were supposed to go plant shopping for the porch’s (living room, my bedroom and his bedroom) but didn’t seem to get around to it this past weekend. Hopefully this weekend or next we will. I read an article in the L.A. times about California wild flowers. The article went on to talk about the best time to plant is between October (late) and Xmas so I want to get all my planting done soon. One nursery that I went to carries Plumeria’s which I love. Plumeria is one of the flowers that Hawaiian leis are made out of. I particularly like the white (or sometimes yellow) variety. They have the strongest fragrance. That’s my smallish update time to get back to work.