New Job new everything

So I’ve been working now at my new job here in Century City for a little over a two weeks now.  Today I go my first paycheck since May.  It was shocking at how much is taken out.  Its good that I’m making more now then I was in Seattle.  With both M & I working things are looking decidedly better financially.  I’m not having to use savings any longer which is a very very good thing.   To have not had to work from May until the end of September has been truly an enormous Blessing and one I don’t take lightly.  I was really able to focus and get clear not only on what matters most right now but were I want to go from here were do I want to visit what ambitions do I have that I want to explore.  I still haven’t made it to Europe yet and want to very badly.  This is probably highest on my list.  At one point owning my own home was a huge priority for me, albeit out of my financial reach at the time.  Today I’m not so sure.  I’m in my mid 40’s now and really unless I come in to a large windfall I would be paying a mortgage for the remainder of my life.  I’m still considering it and truly what I would love more than anything is to be able to live half of the year here in L.A. and the other half back up in Downtown Seattle.

I see myself here at this job for a long long time.  My shift is great 4pm to 1am, so I have my days free to do as I please and the nights I work are mostly by myself.  Once the paychecks become more steady and the credit cards get paid off (from the move) things will feel more complete as far as the transition down here.  I’m still making every effort to get out and hike every day, some days more successfully then others but either way I’m still dropping weight. 

M says he loves his new job and I say he better. He’s working 7 days a week.  I admire his work ethic.  I continually learn new things through him even if they are often accompanied by varying levels of frustration.  He puts up with my McCain like temper and sometimes exceedingly high expectations.

On another note one of the things that I came back here for was to do repair work on some relationships that I had left in not so good shape eleven years ago. Its become pretty apparent to me that this is both unlikely to happen and really not welcomed by the other persons.  In some small measure I’m relieved because it frees me to move on from something I was holding myself accountable for and really didn’t need to.  I never seem to forget my failures or mistakes,some of them have been with me for years and years. I’m not sure if other people are like this or not.  This part of my personality comes from my adoptive mother who in turn got it from the catholic nuns she was raised by.  Anyway, enough of my rambling.  One of the best things about my job is that the commute doesn’t suck donkey nuggets except on Fridays when every drunk or "going to get drunk" SOB is farking up HIghland Blvd.  when all I want to do is get home.  Just a thought but maybe I too should instead head to the bars for that last hour…hmmmm.