Conversations and an Orchid

I talked with P this morning while I was in Weho getting my mail and a Starbucks. She is doing well it seems. Gave her my new number. I walked down to the Bodhi Tree to see what time they opened up on Sundays as I think I’m going to go down and browse around for a bit. They were closed but the cool thing was that someone had left a brand new Orchid outside the used bookstore with a note saying Free – Please take. The cool thing about this is M and I had just talked about orchids and he said that he had wanted one. I’ve been working with the whole Power of Attraction as of late and well Here ya go. He asked and now we have one. I say we because in that conversation M mentioned how he was able to successfully kill and air fern. If he can do that I think I’ll be the one taking care of the Orchid which are decidedly more delicate.

I think about my family and how scattered we all are now and it makes me a bit sad. Mom n K are back East. F and P and there kids who are really young adults are overseas. My father has removed himself from my life once again, which is just as well, stubborn ole goat. My biological family is mostly all in upstate NY and I have very little to do with them. Updates come in the way in the form of chain emails which I guess means that everything is o.k. My uncle T and his wife G live down in the Carolinas. We talk probably more frequently then I do with anyone else. I love being here in California. I guess I’m just feeling a bit like I want more connection like I want to feel time isn’t going by as quickly as it is.

Airport Security

I’ve been hearing more and more incidents of airport security really fuckering up well know people, not just your average joe commuter and frankly it bothers me. I don’t believe “celebrities” are entitled to special anything after to be a bit crude we all go to the bathroom the same way. It bothers me because it reinforces my belief that ever since 9/11 this administration has used fear as a tool to strip Americans of more and more of there actual civil freedoms all the while chanting about the mission to give Iraq freedom and democracy. I can’t wait until that ass-hat of a president is out of office. I don’t imagine that things will ever go back to the way they were in this country, when I was younger or even go back to as recently as before this whole nightmare of an administration stole the last presidential election. I’m better venting done.

Two months

M and I have been here in Los Angeles for going on two months now. I’m still glad that we made the move. The job search has gone slower than I had expected but then when you make more than minimum and George Bush has fuckered up the economy as badly as he has everything else his golden hands of death have touched, its to be expected. I’m fairly certain that I found a job that should start sometime next week. I’m hopeful that I will get the definite yes today. The company has already vetted me as it were except for the Social Security and Federal crimes check which is apparently standard procedure in this day and age. I’m happy that I’ll be working again. The shift eventually will be 4pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday which suits me just fine. I’ll get to work on projects and take support calls which I like doing and the pay is the same I was making in Seattle so hurrah for me. One of the things that has come out of this moving process is that I really do need to finish cleaning up the mistakes I made when I was in my twenties and highly irresponsible. I also need be putting away as much money as I can afford to while I am working. I love it here however I came here with a specific set of goals. Once those goals are accomplished who knows. So all in all things are good. Mike is having a bit of a hard time finding full-time work but he will eventually. In the interim he is working almost full-tme on the weekends taking care of an older gentleman in Glendale. If Seattle were sunnier well ….. Seattle wouldn’t be Seattle then.


Things here are going well. The move happened without any major incident and now that I’ve settled in a bit and got my bearings again its time to start blogging more frequently. Mike has found work and gotten two jobs. They are both exactly what he is looking for. I have been interviewing and talking with folks about work and I’m looking at a couple of different prospects. I’m just waiting on the job offer(s) now. I couldn’t have picked a better home. Despite some initial hesitation about the location. I am very please. Everything is within walking distance and the traffic is really not as bad as it was made out to be. There are a few Meet-ups that I’m interested in. I’ll have to wait and see how those go. One of the goals in coming back here was to expand my circle of friends and hangout buddies. I’ve dropped almost 11 pounds since moving here. The almost daily walk or bo-flex workout has been helpful I’m sure. Today was a 5K hike. The route took me along Franklin Ave almost to Western and then down to Hollywood back to Franklin/Highland. I don’t think I’ll do the Hollywood Blvd. part again. It is a little seedy/dicey down around Western/Hollywood. Heading west is the preferred option. The neighborhoods are nicer and there is Runyan Canyon, which I usual do when I walk. Anyone in the Hollywood/LA area that reads this if your interested, I’m always open to walking with others. This morning I have a meeting in West L.A. and then an interview at 1p.m. The time between jobs has been well spent. A lot of organizing and rearranging, particularly after the move. Well I hear the microwave beeping so my breakfast is ready.

the limits of blogging

I haven’t written a real entry in awhile here anyway. I post to twitter or face book or my space but almost never to all of the above AND to live-journal. I think that my life is really just as ordinary as most everyone else’s so there isn’t a whole lot of need to keep you in the loop on my eating, sleeping habits or emotional state of being. My thoughts are not all that interesting to anyone but myself. I started blogging because it is a way to keep family and friends who live far away in the loop. It became a tool for self-examination and to share the occasional interesting idea or funny idea that I either came across or had myself. For example of late I’ve been thinking that if I were 20 years younger but had my “years of living smarts” under my belt I would so do the whole porn/escort thing for a living. In truth at 44 and 30-40 pounds heavier than I like to be I could still do it but of course the Market would be different. I looked at pictures of myself when I was in my early twenties and had just moved here to L.A. and I weighed around 175 was 6′ and fit in fairly well body-wise with most of what I see walking around weho these days. It was the 80’s so my fashion choices are very definitely 80’s weho queen which in retrospect was a bit frightening. I blame it on the Republicans its always there fault anyway, everything is there fault which is why we can’t let the old war veteran and that crazy mean spirited moose hunting bitch get into office. Ok I’ve gone off on a tangent once again so I will go get a coffee and just post this thing.