the stupid stick

While I personally would still be much happier if Hillary had won the nomination. I’m ok with Obama and very ok with his choice of Veep. In fact his choice in my mind leads me to trust him a bit more as my candidate. McCain on the other hand first met Palin in February of this year and had a telephone conversation with her. That is the full extent of his familiarity with Palin until he spent time with her last week. That’s how seriously he is taking the presidency of the United States. It’s simply unbelievable recklessness. It’s Bush-level recklessness. Its obvious someone’s been hit a few times too many with the stupid stick.

I will never get thinner if I don’t have a reason to get thinner. A simple but true statement. I realized sometime late this afternoon that I have entered into an a bit of a funk. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I haven’t secured a job yet, granted we have been here less than a month. Money is tight but we are o.k. The choice for me to move here was and still is a good one. It was necessary. I am confident that I will have a really good job. People lose there focus, I’m not the only one and things that you would want to get done take a lot longer than planned. I was supposed to go to a GLBT pagan gathering in WeHo this afternoon and I wanted to but just really felt that it would be better when Im’ in a happier place. Right now I need to take care, continue to trust in the process and everything will manifest at the right time. Oh yeah and write down why I need to get thinner and healthier. See how easy it is to distract oneself. I’m putting together a plan for the boflex combined with yoga and cardio on the wii, I do like the boxing. The starting point is below. The goal is 200 pounds 32-34″ waist, maintain chest (tighten).

todays weight (and be thankful I didn’t post the before pic!!) is 247 with 34% body fat.

my measurements are

arms: 16.5″
forearms: 12.5″
neck: 16.25″
chest: 46″”
waist 44.5″
Thighs: 24.5″
Calfs: 18″

Obviously the two areas I’m going to make changes to are the chest and the waist. growing one and shrinking the other.

Prop 8 Backers Say Gays 'Choose their Homosexuality'

There is just a whole pack of crazy in this reasoning.

Prop 8 Backers Say Gays ‘Choose their Homosexuality’: ”

Photo by brainchildvn via Flickr

When the LA Times’ editorial board makes decisions on endorsements for propositions, they invite both sides into separate meetings. When they were with supporters of Prop 8 who seek to ban gay marriage, they had a couple of those awkward turtle moments:

According to one of the Prop. 8 reps, that 1948 ruling [saying that bans on interracial marriage were unconstitutional] was OK because people are born to their race and thus are in need of constitutional protection, while gays and lesbians choose their homosexuality. So much for the expert opinions of the American Psychological Assn. and the American Academy of Pediatrics that people cannot choose their sexuality.

Then came this golden nugget:

One Prop. 8 supporter said, gay rights are not as important as children’s rights, and it’s obvious that same-sex couples who married would ‘recruit’ their children toward homosexuality because otherwise, unable to procreate themselves, they would have no way to replenish their numbers.

Needless to say, the LA Times took the side of gay marriage.

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(Via LAist.)

Settling In

Its been 1 week since I’ve arrived back in Los Angeles.  The drive down here was looooong and a little scary on the critter side of things. Dexter P Kittens got a bit overheated up around Sacramento area and Mike had the smart idea of buying ice and putting it in the kitty cave (we had built for them) in there makeshift litter box (which of course was emptied first).  Dexter literally slept on the ice he was so hot, poor little fellah.  To abbreviate, Everyone arrived safe and sound on Wednesday.  Cable, Gas and the Movers have all come and done there part to get our new home setup and then left.  I’ve spent the most of the past two days unpacking and setting things up.  Yesterday was really the first time in awhile that I felt like I was home.  I went grocery shopping today with Mike at Pavilions in Weho.  I like the store but with gas being what it is I will be ordering online and having grocery’s delivered.    Its only 10 bucks more and I’d rather sip on a mai tai and wait for my grocery’s to arrive.  I have a bit more setup and unpacking to do tomorrow and some banking stuff but then the fun part of actually finding work begins.  I did go to the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday with M and it was pretty fun.  The food I bought was definitely more fun food, like sugar free berry pie and nuts/seeds and some tortilla chips which are quite good.  I’ll be making a list from now on and getting more staples like lettuce, cukes salad stuff and veggies.  Its getting late and I am still adjusting sleep-wise, tired ole thing that I am.  I caught the first episode of Logo’s Sordid Lives, it was funny and campy and gayer than shit.  I wish it were available for download or on demand so I could catchup.