Moving anxiety

So I totally couldn’t sleep tonight. I have been feeling a bit anxious in my gut about “the movers”. I have just read horror story after horror story about people having there things held hostage, broken missing and stolen. It has just freaked the shit out of me. Add to the idea of everything you own going missing AND you have to pay 4,000 on top of that to the movers, which is the “not to exceed” quote we were going with, it just has me scared into not sleeping. There is a reason for all things I’m learning even unfortunately my occasional anxiety. In this case a new plan has emerged. After looking around, reading endless reviews on endless sights, talking with Mike. We are going to go with ABF U-Pack moving. We aren’t going to bring the sofa/loveseat/ottoman. With the money we are going to save, we are going to buy a new living room set once we get down there. If we do the move this way, we are using people we trust (ourselves) with our things, it costs less than half the price of the full-service mover and provides both of us with a sense of security about the whole process, oh yeah and we get new furniture when we get there. It just feels all the way around like a win-win situation. If anyway reading this has used ABF U-packing, I’d love to hear about your experience. Also, I’m looking for discount furniture stores in the L.A. area so I’d love to hear about that too.

On a different note. I never followed up about the iPhone mostly because I did get one on Saturday and have been having giving it my sole attention when I’m not freaking out about movers and money. I love it sums up my experience so far. The one exception is that when it syncs your address-book, I have not been able to get it to transfer the carefully chosen pictures that are already attached to my mac I have to copy them over as images and reattach them on the iphone end, minor suckage. If I did already blog about the phone, I was in a state of technological euphoria and the oversight should be excused.