iPhone lines in Seattle

I have been planning on getting a new iPhone today for Mike n I since our contract with T-Mobile is up and with the move we’ll need new #’s anyway. So I get up at 6 am this morning and check online to see if there is any news on the lines back east were the phones have been on sale for a couple of hours. The lines in Chicago and NY were insane from what I was reading. So I down my coffee and think, this is Seattle how bad can it be? Well I leave the house a little after 7 and get there a few minutes later. I did have it in my mind to go to the ATT store that was CLOSER to my house but of course I didn’t listen to my intuition, stupid self. Anyway, I get to the Starbucks right up the street and can see that the line has most definitely already formed and goes clear around the fracking block. No sooner do I get there and one of the helpful ATT minions comes and lets us all know that the 16 gigs are all sold out and there are only a few of the 8’s. So I hustle my large self up the hill to the store that my oh so wise and not often listened to self said to go to originally only to find another line although not as big. I stand in line and well to make a long wait shorter for you the reader. I missed getting an actual phone by oh about an hour. So if I had listened to myself to begin with I’d be home futzing with the phone instead of writing this sad sad tale of tech lust and blatant consumerism. Well, I decide to wait because at the very least you can go in and order a phone, they ship it to the store you go in and activate it and its yours, done deal. I get in order the phone and what do you know they are now backordered on the 16 gig model, frack me. I quickly order the 8 gig because I’m eventually buying two, one for Mike and one for Me. He doesn’t need 16 gigs whereas I do. Ok I don’t really but I’m a techo glutton and must have biggest fastest coolest. I wish I could say that this is my only shortcoming but of course it isn’t. I will try again tomorrow morning. They say they may be getting a shipment tonight for sale tomorrow, so if they do I’ll be there at 6 am tomorrow and if by some chance I don’t have one tomorrow well then I’ll write another blog entry.

Brave: A Warrior's Tale Announced for Wii, 360, PSP

Brave: A Warrior’s Tale Announced for Wii, 360, PSP: “1UP NETWORK: 1UP | EGM | Filefront | GameVideos | MyCheats | GameTab GAMES: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Brave: A Warrior’s Tale Announced for Wii, 360, PSP

A nearly forgotten PS2 gem gets new life on new platforms.
By Kris Pigna, 07/10/2008
Hey everyone, Brave’s back! You…you do remember Brave, don’t you? If not, then you probably missed a charming but easily overlooked PlayStation 2 platformer released in April of 2007, starring a young Native American warrior in a quest to save his tribe from a demonic threat. But luckily for you (or perhaps more luckily for Brave), you’ll have a second chance whe”

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