A perfectly restful day

In other news today.  I hungout with a friend and did absolutely no fracking packing whatsoever.  I slept until 830 had coffee and played on the Internet. At 1 o’clock I met up with one of my favorite lunch dates and we had Market Fresh after which I met up with a friend at the Bank of America Tower here in Seattle and had coffee at what I believe to be the highest (off the ground) Starbucks in Seattle on the 40th floor.  It is a gem in this city of little surprises, one of those places that few know about or probably more accurately fewer go to.  We were talking and another one of those place, Seattle’s Waterfall Park aka the birthplace of UPS came up in conversation and my friend said he had never heard of it so it was off to the Park.  I absolutely love sharing these little gems with people.  We walked along 1st avenue towards downtown because I wanted to pickup a book at Borders.  We stopped in a few shops in particular Utilikilt where I dropped trow a few times to try on some new man kilts.  I found one I really liked however at 250 plus tax and with the move I thought it would be better to wait.  After I was down with Borders and picking up a tea at Starbucks we walked up Pine and said our goodbyes.  This was really just the perfect way to spend an afternoon and I look forward to many more of them both here in Seattle and in L.A. once I get settled in down there.

iPhone Gets a MacBook Air Keyboard Mod [IPhone]

I’m counting the days counting the days until the 11th.  I’m such a tech toy whore.

You may disagree, but we think this MacBook Air keyboard mod for the iPhone looks super neat. The package installs directly from Installer.app and gives your on-screen board the black separated look that the standard MacBook and the MacBook Air both feature. It’s just cosmetic, and doesn’t affect your typing performance in any way—unless of course you type faster when you see black plastic. It also uninstalls without destroying your phone, which is a plus. Grab it now, but you might have to add this repository (http://planet-iphones.com/repository/) first. [Just Another iPhone Blog via Into Mobile]

iPhone Gets a MacBook Air Keyboard Mod [IPhone]

True Colors concert

I just got back from the True Colors Tour here in Seattle.  How fracking awesome.  Rosie O’Donnell was incredibly funny, as was Cyndi Lauper.  The B52’s are even better in concert than on there albums.  Nona Hendrix and the legendary Joan Armatrading . I went with Mike and my friends Jeff and Eric.  They are one really great guys.  I just had a blast and it was exactly what I needed to lift me out of the doldrums I’ve been in from packing and sorting through my history.  I think I’ve learned that I really am a romantic at heart and much more sensitive.