Just some geeky stuff because it was frustrating the hell out of me yesterday. I’m using Leopard on one of my machines, my main one actually. I signed up for .Mac and that is when the troubles started. Suddenly I had all of these programs, mostly iLife/iWorks programs that were starting but not showing the main window. DreamWeaver was doing the same thing and it was pissing me off. I did a google search to no avail. Well I came across one or two posts that indicated that some folks have had trouble with mac spaces. Sure enough I had used mac spaces and when I set it up I had Dreamweaver going to one space, mail to another etc.. I have since turned it off and things seem to be running a whole lot smoother. If you want to check out my updated site . Its still a work in progress. Oh and Happy Easter/Resurrection to all my fellow Pagans/Xiatians out there.