Work Eval

I got my first evaluation from work and although the majority of it is good there are two needs improvement marks on it (and 1 exceeds expectations).  The two needs improvements at first didn’t initially bother me now they do somewhat.  I agree with the one of them without reservation that said I need to be more organized in my work.  I could definitely use a bit more focus, unless I write things down things items will fall through the cracks and not get done.  The other item indicated that I can appear to sometimes be impatient.  My super mentioned this to me awhile back that someone was upset with me.  I really want to own this and take it on because in the long run it makes the value of what I do greater, both to the customer and myself.  I do still believe that I work in a unique political environment with distinct challenges in this area.  So the fact that I am up at 4:20 in the morning should present itself as a clue that in fact these two things are bothering me somewhat.  the one really not so much the second about being more patient with people, yes for sure.  So rather than moan and try and throw this off I am going to own it.  I know that I can sometimes not be as patient as people would like.  I am very task orientated, this isn’t an excuse its the nature of the type of work that I do.  Frankly, I’m there to fix the problem and not much else.  It was recently pointed out to me in a way that I was really able to hear that, yes I am there to fix the problem but that letting people vent is also AS much a part of the solution as fixing the actual problem is.  That by cutting that part off, it leaves people feeling like the problem isn’t really solved, that I don’t care and don’t want to be there (both untrue by the way).  I think that by practicing active listening skills and giving people the opportunity to be completely forthright with me will go a long way towards rebuilding and repairing whatever negative perceptions people have of me.  When this issue of patience was mentioned to me awhile back there really were questions I could have asked but didn’t know how to at the time.  What I would like to see is for this item to move to the meets expectations yet keep the comments and revisit this in six months just to check in and make sure things are on track.  Another good thing to come out of the evaluation is to really take a good look at the direction that I would like to go.  Desktop support isn’t really were my heart is entirely anymore.   This is something that I have known for sometime now.  Desktop Support has become more of what’s familiar and comfortable than what I really want to be doing long term.  I’d like to move towards web development/design.

Author: Ken Craig-Saunders

Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.