Re: How Do Athiests Find Hope?

I would have to say the answer this guy gives is one of the most beautiful explanations I could think of to the question posed. 

padre wrote:

After hearing about Rory’s recent struggles, I was wondering something. How do atheists/agnostics find hope in life? What do you put your faith in? What if those things change? Do people honestly believe that they evolved from bacteria millions of years ago? I would argue that it takes an even bigger leap of faith to believe in that.

Have you seen the world recently? It’s full of awesome things, beautiful people, incredible sights and astonishing moments.
I don’t need hope, I have outside! I have photos of the incredible places I’ve been, I have friends and family who I love and adore.
And knowing a little science just makes the world all the more awesome. A rainbow is pretty, but knowing that it’s caused by quantum-electro-dynamic effects of water actually slowing down light; and so causing it to be diverted off course proportionally to its wavelength; thus splitting the white mixture into its component parts makes it pretty, and incredibly elegant and beautiful.
Take a lesson from the priests and clergy who embraced the theory of evolution when Darwin proposed it. Their opinion was that having some insight into how God had created the world simply made his achievement of creating the world all the more impressive.
Now I don’t believe that God exists myself, but simply knowing roughly how the universe works, and the elegant and beautiful rules that describe everything from the trajectory of a thrown stone to the formation of galaxies, and knowing that they’re the same rules, is simply incredible. Why do you think watches and clocks often have the innards exposed? It’s because watching something work is nowhere near as cool as watching how it works.
Athiests have no need of hope, hope implies that today is somehow spoiled and we need to await tomorrow. Athiests know that the world is beautiful now, and waiting for something better is wasting the incredible world we have right now.
Besides, if we’re having a bad day, we know that tomorrow is going to be better.
I think that’s my case stated strongly enough <looks a bit sheepish for getting carried away>.

Re: How Do Athiests Find Hope?

Author: Ken Craig-Saunders

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