Alabama Gov. discovers global warming cure: pray for rain

Every time I see something like this below I’m just amazed and rendered speechless at the level of superstition some people possess. If it doesn’t rain its the gays, witchs, liberal blah blah blah and if it rains “too much” its the gays, witchs, liberals that caused it. Apparently Jesus wasn’t the only one that died on the cross, reason and logic were right there with him.

Mark Frauenfelder: Steve says:

Alabama Governor Bob Riley has implemented an interesting new policy on climate change: The governor issued a proclamation calling for citizens to pray for rain for a week, beginning Saturday.

Link (Via The Project For an Old American Century) Update:

Meanwhile, the rainstorms leading to floods can be blamed on gay people, say senior Church of England bishops. (Thanks, Rob!)

Alabama Gov. discovers global warming cure: pray for rain

Author: Ken Craig-Saunders

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