Conscious Catholicism

As part of my commitment to losing 75lbs (total) and getting into better shape I bought a Weider Max Ultra home gym.  Well I got home today to an enourmous box, probably the biggest one I’ve ever had shipped to me.  It weighed 146 lbs and the short end of the this is that I’ve been putting the thing together all night.  Its not complicated or difficult, except getting the seat in place its just I wanted make sure I have it right.  Its not quite together yet although I’m close.  There is only the cabling to finish up, some pads and thats about it.  The beast as I’m calling it is now sitting in what used to be the diningroom.  Mike and I really never used that room so no at least it will be put to good use.  I figured between this and modifiying my eating I’ll be good to go. below is a picture of the beast.  It looks pretty snazzy in the diningroom. 



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