Conscious Catholicism

So I brought Hammish down to the pet shelter today. Hammish is a Quaker parrot and he can be very loud and squawky. He really is a sweet and smart little guy but his pentiont for biting and needing far more attention than both mike and I could give him and I had to bring him down there. He very seldom would bit me it was everyone else he would bite. The reason I share this other than the guilt of feeling like a horrible pet owner and giving away one of my babies is because all the way there we chatted and I was throwing out energy that he would get a good home. Now I don’t know that he has for sure but no sooner did we get there then there was a couple of woman one of whom was there looking for a bird just like Hammish. She and he seemed to do well when they spent time together, as best as I could tell. I left knowing that he would at least have the opportunity for a good home. The aunty of the woman who is taking him already has a couple of birds and is familiar with there needs so this made me very very happy. I’m still sad that it didn’t work out and I still feel like the most vile pet daddy ever but I’ll just have to get over that. Inside I know I made the responsible decision.


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