Conscious Catholicism

It’s been shocking to watch the GOP meltdown before our very eyes. Just this week we’ve seen our Governor fight with Rush Limbaugh, and today we saw Barbara Boxer beat down the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, in a beautifully sweet way, we must add.

Is Sen. Inhofe all the Republicans have in this super weird debate over Global Warming? What, no Zell Miller? We never thought we’d see a day when the upper class of the GOP, those who went to expensive schools and send their children to even more expensive schools would look at science and turn its back on it simply because it didn’t fit into their party’s political agenda.

Fascinating how so many of these are Right-to-Lifers who seem to care so deeply what goes on in a woman’s womb, but don’t seem to give one flying fuck about what happens to the environment that those unborn children will try to live in.

Is everyone dumb as a box of dirt over there, or was it always that way?

Meanwhile the Dems should feel rotten that they’ve been getting their ass beaten by retards all these years.


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