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benhigh:You may remember a week or two ago when I wrote about Westside Rentals and their F-rating at the Better Business Bureau. The entry brought a bunch of useful information out in the comments and based on how hard it can be to find a rental in LA, I thought a quick summarization might be in order. Here’s the rental resources that the readers threw down. Per always, feel free to leave more in the comments.

Housing Maps – Ever wished instead of listings you could look at available apartments on a map? Housing Maps mashes Craigslist listingsinto a Google Maps interface. Mostly, it’s the most helpful thing ever.

Rentslicer – Wanna know how much everything costs ever averaged and tabulated into neighborhoods? Rentslicer is full of more information than you can probably use.

The Rental Girl – The Rental Girl offers to hook you up with a great place in the greater Silver Lake/Echo Park/”cool” Easty neighborhoods.

Craigslist – C’mon, it’s craigsist.

Rentometer – Put in your rent and see if you’re getting a deal or not as it compares your rent to your neighbors.

Westside Rentals – $60 for two months of exclusive (and non-exclusive) listings.

4 Rent In LA – I know little of this site but someone linked to it in the comments on the last post. Maybe you’re feeling lucky/adventurous?

Of course, there’s no link for just driving around the neighborhood and finding that perfect spot.

I also dropped a line to Westside Rentals asking them if they cared to comment on their poor rating at the Better Business Bureau and ended up on the phone with Westside Rentals CEO Anthony Yannatta. Read on for my impressions of the conversation we had.

Photo from this listing on craigslist. It’s in Atwater Village. Come be my neighbor!

Continued reading Renting in LA and more from Westside Rentals…


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