walking and weight-loss

work has been occupying most of my time. adjusting and learning and getting my new routine down. In the process I’ve managed to lose 11 pounds which I’m pretty happy about. I think the thing that has helped the most is staying away from cookies, potatoes and other like occasions of sin. The other thing that I’ve been doing is snacking on nuts/seeds and whole grain crackers. Oh and taking Omega 3-6-9 supplements everyday. I had really heard good things about the Omegas and the primary thing was that they assist in fat transportation as well as how good in general they are for your brain skin hair eyes and joints. This seems to be true in my experience. Despite my best intentions I haven’t gone back to a gym since last February although I walk on average (at least according to my pedometer) about 10 miles a day. I imagine living in L.A. that I wouldn’t walk nearly as much without the intention to. There is certainly enough inspiration to walk there with all of the trails, Runyan Canyon then again there is always street walking which when I was there was something I did all the time. Most of the time I lived in L.A. it was without a car. Looking back now I don’t know how I did that. I’m sure that it stunted my experience of L.A. in some ways not having easy access to all there is. The good thing about walking is that you really get to know the area your walking in and you discover things that when you drive you otherwise would miss. Anyway, I’m home today getting over some nasty flu bug. I’m in the coughing and draining and feverish phase, very unpleasant. I’m going to finish my tea and head back to bed.

Renting in LA and more from Westside Rentals

benhigh:You may remember a week or two ago when I wrote about Westside Rentals and their F-rating at the Better Business Bureau. The entry brought a bunch of useful information out in the comments and based on how hard it can be to find a rental in LA, I thought a quick summarization might be in order. Here’s the rental resources that the blogging.la readers threw down. Per always, feel free to leave more in the comments.

Housing Maps – Ever wished instead of listings you could look at available apartments on a map? Housing Maps mashes Craigslist listingsinto a Google Maps interface. Mostly, it’s the most helpful thing ever.

Rentslicer – Wanna know how much everything costs ever averaged and tabulated into neighborhoods? Rentslicer is full of more information than you can probably use.

The Rental Girl – The Rental Girl offers to hook you up with a great place in the greater Silver Lake/Echo Park/”cool” Easty neighborhoods.

Craigslist – C’mon, it’s craigsist.

Rentometer – Put in your rent and see if you’re getting a deal or not as it compares your rent to your neighbors.

Westside Rentals – $60 for two months of exclusive (and non-exclusive) listings.

4 Rent In LA – I know little of this site but someone linked to it in the comments on the last post. Maybe you’re feeling lucky/adventurous?

Of course, there’s no link for just driving around the neighborhood and finding that perfect spot.

I also dropped a line to Westside Rentals asking them if they cared to comment on their poor rating at the Better Business Bureau and ended up on the phone with Westside Rentals CEO Anthony Yannatta. Read on for my impressions of the conversation we had.

Photo from this listing on craigslist. It’s in Atwater Village. Come be my neighbor!

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Most Populous State Could Become Politically Relevant!

For too many years, gazillions of voters in California have watched sadly as New Hampshire, Iowa and other possibly fictional states (probably from Stephen King books) chose presidential candidates. Why did seven ethanol farmers in the Midwest and some sort of vampire-snow monsters in the “granite state” constantly pick some unelectable dingbat like Dukakis or Kerry or Mondale? Remember that Bill Clinton kid back in ‘92? He lost New Hampshire and Iowa.

While Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina still have a death grip on the Dem and GOP primaries, Nevada is doing a Democrat primary between those two, on January 19. And if “Married to the Kennedys” California guv Arnold Schwarzenegger gets his way, the most populous state would be right after S.C. in the first week of February.

An imaginary straw poll of Campaign 2008 reporters shows that by a 119-2 margin, the press corps wants to spend primary season in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and skiing at Lake Tahoe. The two who want to cover Iowa probably work for Tom Vilsack.

State aims for Feb. 5 primary to boost clout [LA Times]

Google Help Center: How do I create an event via SMS?

Some folks may find this useful. I use gcal all of the time and thought this tip was way cool. I know my geek stripes are showing.  

Google Help > Calendar Help > Features > SMS

How do I create an event via SMS?

To create an event via SMS, simply send a text message containing your event’s details to the shortcode “GVENT (48368).”

For example, if you send a message with something like “Shopping with Sarah at Monterey Market 5pm Saturday,” Google Calendar can figure out what you mean and pop the new event into your calendar.

Please keep in mind that this feature is only available in the US at this time.

Actress Yvonne De Carlo dies

Annika Barranti:Canadian-born actress Yvonne De Carlo, a long-time resident of Los Angeles, died of natural causes on Monday at the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s Retirement Home in Woodland Hills. She was 84. She is survived by Bruce Morgan, one of her two sons.

De Carlo played Moses’ wife in The Ten Commandments, and is best known as Lily Munster from TV’s The Munsters.

Damn, she was gorgeous, too.

AP photo © Mike Smith 1959 from the set of Bonanza.

RE: RIP Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen

Truly Truly Rest in Peace

Xeni Jardin:

Momofuku Ando, the man who invented instant ramen and founded Nissin Foods, died Friday of heart failure at 96 years of age. As any hungry cosmonaut or broke college student knows, his creation truly is a miracle food:

Ando was inspired to develop the instant noodle after coming upon a long line of people on a cold night shortly after World War II waiting to buy freshly made ramen at a black market food stall, according to Nissin. The experience convinced him that “Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat,” it said.’

Link to Sydney Morning Herald, Link to The Age (Australia), Link to AP

(Thanks, Vorn, Mr. Lim, John Parres)
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    RE: Dear Mr. Old Man Winter,

    Please consider this letter notice of your termination, effective immediately. Despite clear expectations and requirements — January temperatures not to exceed 40° F, consistent snow and blustery conditions, minimum of one blizzard with white-out per annum, &c. &c. — you have failed to date to meet expectations and deliver even rudimentary winter weather. A forecast high of 72° today in New York City is clear proof of your failure to do your job.

    A replacement will be appointed immediately. Perhaps we will try a young go-getter for this role, someone who is willing to take on the many weather challenges of this magnificent season rather than rest on his “Great Winter of ’02-’03” laurels.

    Yours truly,
    Mother Nature

    [Guest post by Meg Hourihan.]

    [Via kottke.org]