What am I not getting about immigrants rights? If you break the law and are here illegally why should you be given ANY benefits? You should have NO rights if you broke the law to get here other than to be deported back to your country of origin. If you want to become a citizen, great and welcome to the country but do it legally. I see these marches and a whole lot of flags being waved interestingly very few of them are american. Something about this strikes me as wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Theres another march happening on Monday. It will serve no other purpose than to clog downtown traffic and annoy a whole lot of people that can’t make any of the changes the protesters want. I won’t even get started on the spectacle that is the gay pride march.

going the way of the mouse?

I got a hit on one of the resumes I sent out. I’ll be interviewing with Disney Internet Group sometime this coming week. I would just shit if I got the job prior to the move. i’ve wanted to work for them for sometime now. They are just down the street from me in an historic building. I wouldn’t have to move to the tower and would get out from under the massively dysfunctional group I’m with. Granted the job security and benefits are fantastic but only if you can stand working for jm and tt.

On the weight working out front. I’ve dropped 6 pounds and gained some definition. I’m really pleased. I feel good and in conjunction with the brouhaha that happened at the Cuff last weekend I’m really thinking to stay away from that whole scene for quite some time. Clubs make me feel dirty and its the same thing over and over, why bother? Oh yeah thats right cause there are guys there, sometimes even really hot guys. Naa I’m good with doing the workout thing and meeting guys in other ways. I’m hoping today will be just as nice as the last few days were, its already 51 here.

The Most Expensive ZIP Codes 2006 – Forbes.com

 What’s the difference between 11962 and 28741? When it comes to house prices, the answer is $2,125,000.

Those ZIP codes bookend Forbes.com’s annual list of the priciest areas in the country–neighborhoods where home costs soar far above the norm. This year, we collected the top 500 most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S. They include the most famous (perhaps the only famous) ZIP in the country, Beverly Hills, 90210; some towns that are well-known for harboring ritzy residents; and neighborhoods that few besides locals


it was definately a rough weekend. It started out great I got together with some folks from work after work it kind of went downhill the next day. The only thing really that I’m happy about from the weekend is I got more work done on my left arm tattoo. The pattern and scales on the snake are done with some of the shading. The head/tail section still need to be done and then the coloring for the whole thing. Work today at least its a pay week. I think I’m depressed I should stop whining and go to the gym I feel better when I work-out.

Ask LAist: Et tu, YouTube?

I just think its funny – you seems to be everywhere these days.


Concerned commenter valleyist asks: Why are you guys showing so many clips from YouTube? Do they pay you for these plugs? If I wanted to see clips from youtube, I’d go to there [sic] website. Is that what you want?

Let’s start by saying yes, that’s what we want. We want you to enjoy surfing around on the internet (particularly while you’re at work), we want you to watch funny videos, read your favoriteblogs, clicking on links and ending up who-knows-where. So yes, go ahead to YouTube— and then come back, y’all!

The reason that sites like us include videos from YouTube is that YouTube has done 2 technical things to make it embarassingly simple for all of us.

1. On each video’s page on the YouTube site, they’ve got the code for an embeddable player; we just copy and paste that code and — ta-dah! you can watch a video on LAist. It’s better than a link, because you never need to leave our site at all.

2. The other smart/manipulative thing YouTube has done is host every damn file. So when we put a YouTube video on our site and you play it, YouTube carries the bandwidth, not us.

Finally, we try to bring you videos from YouTube that have something to do with Los Angeles (including the South Park Scientology episode). You can do that yourself, but why bother, when we’re here for you?


Today is April 10th. It’s also a national day of action for immigrant justice [april10].In case you’ve been sleeping through the Sunday morning talking headshows and falling asleep through your daily NPR dose, the Congress hasbeen batting around tough immigration legislation [wiki] that has put a lot of people in the mood for protests.

While some marches took place yesterday [reuters],the majority of events are scheduled to take place today in citiesacross the country. In Seattle, a few thousand of the expected twomillion [bloomberg]supporters will convene at St. Mary’s Church (20th Avenue S and SouthWeller) at 3:30. At 4:00, the march will follow a route to the FederalBuilding, where a rally will take place for about an hour.

Even if you don’t care about what happens to the 11 million illegalimmigrants living in the U.S., building gigantic fences across theMexican border, Senate gridlock, and conference committees, you mightlike to know about the effect that this will have on your eveningcommute. To see if the route intersects with your afternoon drive, KOMOhas the turn-by-turn plan [#].

Please drop us a comment if you’re planning to participate and letus know where you’re posting your pictures or just drop them into themetroblogging seattle group pool [flickr].

the eyes have it

I went for my annual eye exam especially since my plans for lasik have been put on hold till later this years. I got my new prescription but what was kinda cool is I’ve decided to go with contacts and reading glasses. The cool part isn’t that, its that he had contacts in my prescription right there. He gave them to me, I popped them in and I could see. I haven’t worn contacts in years now but it was just like riding a bike. plop plop in my eyes they went. I did accidently leave the bag with my solution and old lenses there. I didn’t discover this until later on that evening, after Mike and I had gone for Thai food – mmmm Thai food!!! and I went to go take my new eyes out. I flipped out a bit because I didn’t have any glasses to wear. I’m blind as a blind bat not just your ordinary variety and it freaked me a bit that I wouldn’t have my glasses with me. Fortunately I kept the glasses I used to use and so was able to wear them. I called the doctors office and they had my bag there. I’ll go pick it up later tonight after work.

tomorrow I start working out at the gym I joined last week. I was sick last week and so I didn’t feel up to it. I have a routine now and am looking forward to losing the weight. My goal is to lose 45 pounds total. I’m 6′ now and weigh 247 as of this morning. I’m a big guy but by most accounts I don’t look overweight, husky is the word most often used. Time to wrap things up here.