56 days until vacation, which means that time seems to drag more and more in direct proportion to how close to vacation I am.

I was reminded of a really good resource, the recycler, for apartments and stuff.

When I first moved to L.A. back in 87, all I had was hope some money and the promise of a couch (which fell through). I ended up living at the YMCA in hollywood, near the Gay-Lesbian center on N. Schrader Boulevard. Looking back, the whole experience was a good one. I met this “straight” aussie bodybuilder who was staying there. God he was hot. He was more muscular bulldog than bodybuilder anyway, we’d go out drinking and just hanging out while he was here.

LA Observed: No, not Trader Vic's

Beny Alagem, who paid $130 million for the Welton Becket-designed Beverly Hilton two years ago, wants to tear down Trader Vic’s restaurant at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards, the hotel’s executive conference center, the Oasis Court and the hotel’s 514-space parking garage. Andy Fixmer obtained a report on Algaem’s plans and posted a story on the Los Angeles Business Journal website late Wednesday. It’s all in the name of building more luxury condo towers in Beverly Hills.

On those sites Alagem would build two 13-story buildings containing 96 condominiums, a 104-unit, 15-story condo hotel and 96 hotel rooms in two 3-story structures. The hotel’s parking would be put underground and increased to 1,422 spaces, to meet Beverly Hills’ codes.
The existing hotel, recently remodeled, would remain. The Bev