One-quarter of LA's air pollution: made in China

Xeni Jardin:

Snip from NYT story:

China is already the world’s second-biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions and is expected to surpass the United States as the biggest. Roughly a third of China is exposed to acid rain. A recent study by a Chinese research institute found that 400,000 people die prematurely every year in China from diseases linked to air pollution.

Nor does China’s air pollution respect borders: on certain days almost

25 percent of the particulate matter clotting the skies above Los Angeles can be traced to China, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental experts in California predict that China could eventually account for roughly a third of the state’s air pollution.

Link (Thanks, John Parres!)

I’ve had this ongoing thought that just really congealed for me this morning.  I’ve been treating my life like its over now that I’m past 40.  40 was traumatic for me.  I don’t know why it just was.  I think I had this mean review of like oh god I’m half way through my life and what have I done?  what have I accomplished?  anyway I’m 42 now and the though returned except this morning I answered back.  I’m still young but old enough to pause before making some fool choice that in my 20’s I wouldn’t have even hesitated to make. 

Do friends purposely piss each other off. A friend of mine was annoyed at me because I forgot to get a paper for them I had promised. They personalized this and felt I was stalling. They shared there annoyance with me but just wouldn’t drop it. I finally had to say you know I’m not deaf or retarded I got that you’re annoyed stop repeating it, you’re only passing along the annoyance. There response was good then I’m free of it. What a jerk! Why would anyone purposely annoy someone they consider there friend? Oh well.

I put out a job app yesterday for a position with the City in a different dept. I so want to get the hell away from J. douche-bag and the twin raging harpies I work around. I don’t know that anything will happen with it and even if it does the city moves slower than molasses, your tax dollars at work folks.

Mike and I are having a friend over for dinner and Brini Maxwell. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is friday already. I’m so stoked. I think I might head over to the Eagle tomorrow night.


I went out this weekend and had a really good time. I’ve been feeling a real need to expand my circle of friends and really learn to overcome my “bar shyness”. It went really well as I met a couple of guys.


cubfan – you express so many of the feelings that I have and your woofy to boot

full_exposure – I lust after you and think you are the HOT shit I would so like to hangout at the Abbey with you.

Goddess Kring – I want the relationship with San Diego man to work out and you have no idea how many times we’ve crossed paths on Cap Hill. keep on creating flowing dancing speaking.

MS Lauren (lmjvp) you are me without my dick or anyone else’s for that matter in a lot of ways

prowler323 – I think of you and pray for your health – I’m not nearly as brave as you are

mcmlxxiv – you share the fun

nodignitymuriel – Mike, you ARE ABBA trash. you may be my ex but I love you anyway you tired ole beatch.

tizzy_lish — we’re related and I knew you when you where really young ( your mom and I talked about your previous life in italy (Vesuvias, the spelling is fucked up) in a dive (restaurant) next to Pasadena Community College in 1998). You’re mom is the absolute shit of shits and I love her and your dad for all the help they gave me when I first moved to LA (Fuck yes to the Ciancimino) They did so much for me when I moved to LA in 87′ . That you are so into Rocky means the world to me!!

dad (and nana), certainly not least it’s taken over 25 years for us to find one another, I love you so much. you may not have been there but you are the reason I am who I am and being the humble soul I am and liking myself as much as I do,thank you.

I know all of this sounds like some fucked up acceptance speech. i just want to acknowledge some of you who read my live-journal and are a part of my online life.

LA vs NY: the hoods

Ever go to some other city and find yourself scoping it out things in relation to your own neighborhood? Ryan over at losanjealous (who might just be one of the most entertaining bloggers in all of socal) just got back…

A couple of things.  I’ve written about the troubles at work that I’ve been having recently.  Well Fridays it all came to a conclusion or beginning depending on how you look at it.  I had written to my old supervisor and requested some help with my new supervisor.  As it turns out she and he in a coincidence had wanted to meet with me about issues.  I had spoken with my union rep and shared some of the crap going on.  She felt it would be in my interest that she be there.  I let both of my Supers know she would be attending.  Well needless to say they didn’t like this one bit and told me as much.  I didn’t say anything to them however, instead I let the union rep talk with them.  The meeting was canceled until a later time at which point the head of HR was know going to be involved.What a fiasco.  That meeting took place on Friday (the 13th).  The meeting lasted about an hour and a half.  The specifics aren’t important but I know now just how dysfunctional things are there.  In a lot of ways I’m grateful that the meeting took place.  I know the lay of the land and were the land mines are.  I had wanted to stay another 3 years so that I would make vesture, however I can’t imagine working under the current management.  I will continue to look for other opportunity’s within the city/county/state level.  I am open to moving outside of the public sector.  I really think I need to think in a new direction anyway.  Perhaps moving more into the web application development end of things.  Its usually around this time of year that I fantasize about moving back to Los Angeles, this year is no different.   I’m convinced its the desire to return to a simpler but far more difficult time.  It is also my need for sunshine and warmth.  Seattle with its protective cloud cover is lacking in the sunshine department especially lately.  Its been raining 27 days straight here. As a goof I keep an eye on apartment rentals in weho, which is were I’d want to live.  Average 2bed apartments are running around  1800.00.  This is actually how much the apartment across the street from were William and I lived (I think he still lives there) costs.  Its not much better up here.  Mike and I pay around 1200 a month for the equivalent apartment. The difference is a lot less than I would have thought.  I have 3 days off for presidents day in February maybe I should take another day and fly down for the weekend and get some sun.

first the blood and then the boys

So tonight I went and got the tatoo that I’ve wanted to get for sometime. the guy that did it was very good, a bit quiet (maybe he needed to oh say focus). I wanted to chat but it was better quiet I got to really immerse myself in process pain and all. I got a triquetra on my left forearm. Here is a pic… I know I’m supposed to keep it covered. This is my second tat and I have a few more planned.

This one is personally significant. It was truly empowering to get it.

Interview with inventor of LSD, Albert Hoffman, now 100

Xeni Jardin:

In today’s NYT, a fascinating interview with “father of acid” (and pal of Timothy O’Leary) Albert Hoffman, who turned 100 this week.

His work on ergot produced several important drugs, including a compound still in use to prevent hemorrhaging after childbirth. But it was the 25th compound that he synthesized, lysergic acid diethylamide, that was to have the greatest impact. When he first created it in 1938, the drug yielded no significant pharmacological results. But when his work on ergot was completed, he decided to go back to LSD-25, hoping that improved tests could detect the stimulating effect on the body’s circulatory system that he had expected from it. It was as he was synthesizing the drug on a Friday afternoon in April 1943 that he first experienced the altered state of consciousness for which it became famous. “Immediately, I recognized it as the same experience I had had as a child,” he said. “I didn’t know what caused it, but I knew that it was important.”

When he returned to his lab the next Monday, he tried to identify the source of his experience, believing first that it had come from the fumes of a chloroform-like solvent he had been using. Inhaling the fumes produced no effect, though, and he realized he must have somehow ingested a trace of LSD. “LSD spoke to me,” Mr. Hofmann said with an amused, animated smile. “He came to me and said, ‘You must find me.’ He told me, ‘Don’t give me to the pharmacologist, he won’t find anything.’ ”

Link. Image: Marc Latzel. (Thanks, John)