First Look At "X3" Characters

USA Today has posted a first look at photos from 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men 3” coming to theaters Memorial Day 2006. The gallery includes a picture of Kelsey Grammer as Beast, two pictures of Ben Foster as Angel, and new
shots of Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry (with new hair) from the film. There’s also quotes from the actors about their work. The first trailer for the sequel should hit online in a few hours.


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"I'm a naughty girl" — MP3 of 1890s bad-girl tune

Xeni Jardin:
Boing Boing reader Kevin Murphy points us to more amazing MP3s of late 19th-century recordings, including what may be one of the earliest bad-girl tunes in audio-recorded history. Kevin says:

There are four recordings here, the most amusing of which is I’M A NAUGHTY GIRL: Miss Beatrice Hart and Chorus from Daly’s. Berliner 3078, Recorded in London, 18 January 1899.

It’s a bit scratchy at first, but the full lyrics sheet is here: Link.

As an extra note, the song makes an appearance in “The Boarding House,” chapter 7 of James Joyce’s “The Dubliners,” circa 1914: Link. Something Cory especially might be interested in, as an example of the time when authors could quote popular song lyrics in their stories without being hounded by packs of rabid ASCAP lawyers.

MP3 Link to “I’m a Naughty Girl.” Here’s more about “A Greek Slave,” the risqué little musical comedy in which this song appeared: Link.


MP3 of 1878 recording on lead cylinder