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These are pics from the 25th anniversary o RHPS that Mike and another friend went to… now that I discovered a nifty iphotos export plugin I expect there will be quiet a few…must organize photo albums. Oh yeah on the left is Patricia Quinn and thats Nell Campbell in da middle.

I found out today that mine is one of three positions that are going to be eliminated from the HSD. While I am sad about this I realized awhile back that I just couldn’t continue being in the same space as SS nor do I want to work under the direction of JM. It has been time to move on and now I know for certain. Tomorrow the official announcement will be made and thats that. I have until January of 2007 to find another position. There is a possibility that the position will not be elimated, as this consolidation requires the approval of the Seattle City Council in order to happen. It looks like they are going to give there approval as far as the reorg goes but there is almost certainly going to be some jobs shifted or lost in the process. I’m heading them all off and finding work elsewhere, either in another department or at the county/federal level. Time to catch the bus.

RE: PC Users Help in AIDS Research

Harnessing the power of millions of personal computers around the world, [email protected] is the first biomedical distributed computing project ever launched. The project is run by Olson Laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute. To help, all you have to do is download a program which uses the drug design software AutoDock and runs “in the background” to process information. The computations are then sent back to the institute, all ready for the researchers to analyze. Join today and make a difference. Via Reuters

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I had an interesting night.  I went to see Harry Potter at the Seattle Center on the IMAX screen no less. It was truly breath-taking, the screen and the sound that is.  The movie itself was ok.  The thing that I came away from was a real sense of lonliness.  I’m feeling lonely.  I have a few friends and many more aquaintences, bar friends.  If we see each other we say hi but thats about it.  No calling to hangout or anything like that.  I don’t really want a boyfriend most of the time and then sometimes I do.  I couldn’t really tell you anything about him except that he must be masculine and not queeny.  I don’t dislike queeny guys I just don’t sleep with them.  I mostly don’t want one because I feel like such a weird freak most of the time and don’t want anyone else to have to deal with it.  It makes me sad really, this is the only time we have on the planet why not make the most of it and yet I feel stuck socially, sexually in most ways really.  Well enough anaylzing, time for bed.  I’m on vacation all this coming week.  Yeah!!