So I guess its time to head to bed. it’s 11:38pm. I spent a good deal of time this weekend setting up my Linux box. I’m somewhat happy with it and then I’m not. I think ultimately what I’m going to end up doing sometime before the end of this year is getting a new mac and an ipod. I like the dell that Maureen got me, but I can’t listen to my stuff on it nor can i use it on the Mac which I prefer anyway.

time for sleep

my little linux experiment

I spent a good deal of time between yesterday and today installing linux. I’ve wanted to get rid of windows now for sometime, but I’m always held back by my obsession with MSMoney. It is by far one of my most favorite programs. So I managed to convert over 3 years worth of financial records from MSMoney format into Quicken, which I have running on the Mac. I know have Linux running on my other box. I’m running Slackware 10, with gnome as the WM. Ok enough of the geek-speak. It’s an experiment to see if I can in fact use Linux in my day to day computer tasks.

On another note. Ever since the carjacking episiode of Six Feet Under and then the following weeks episode I’ve been a little freaked out about home invasions. It had gotten to the point that I wasn’t getting any sleep. It didn’t help assuage my fears when there WAS a home invasion here in Seattle this past week. I’m doing better now, it really was a whole circumstance of events that kind of met up at the same time.

On a more happy note, my garden is doing really well. The tomato plant has taken and is recovering from the damage done to it in the store. The lavender, basil and spearmint are all growing really well. I had heard that if you pluck the flower heads on the basil as they begin to flower that the plant will get much bushier, it seems to be working. Today is going to be one of relaxing, reading and made a walk to Volunteer park.