Conscious Catholicism

Even though I work for the City I had to go into to work today. It’s only the Federal Offices that are closed (including the post-office). On my walk back from work I started contemplating anger, which I think can be a proper response and hatred which is never a proper response, particularly since our vision of what’s what is so always limited to “ground level” views. One of the things that I get out of the lessons of Xiatianity is that love should always be the motive and method. Sometimes that love requires us to walk away from others or make similarly difficult choices. Hatred of anyone or thing should never be tolerated. It is divisive, and never healing. People holding onto hatred (disguised in whatever mantle) aren’t really hurting others, they ARE refusing to allow themselves to heal and move on from whatever caused the hurt, slight or injury in the first place. It is for this reason that I always cringe whenever I hear the relative of some murder victim, indicating that they will never forgive the criminal (usually followed by the very christian sentiment of hoping for eternal damnation for said criminal). Yes, it is understandable that they would be angry, mad and deeply wounded, however THERE healing won’t come UNTIL THEY forgive the criminal. Hatred in these (and other) types of situations DOES have a purpose, it allows one to be the victim, if thats a persons thing and it serves them, great just as long as you know thats the role you’ve put yourself in. This is not to say that the criminal is free and clear, they have there own stuff to deal with. I don’t want my idea to get lost in the example; love heals and is the only way to honestly deal with one another. Hate kills, holds back and destroys everything good.

So this is what I was thinking on my way back from work. I realize most people don’t see things this way, and I’m totally ok with it because I do and that’s all that counts to me. I believe we are all in a place spiritually where we allow ourselves to be (God’s grace will only take us as far as we allow Her to) and if you or I aren’t ready to see that Love is the only answer or some other truth, who am I to push you there? I can only speak what god has shown me.


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