I’m feeling a bit politically incorrect these last few days because I’m just seeing so much anger and hate speech over Reagans death. I know he did a lot of things that (from my perspective) were wrong, and I certainly didn’t vote for him, especially back then when I was excessively liberal. I just don’t understand how what he did justifies some peoples hateful self-righteousness. I won’t even begin to talk about Nancy. If anything I’m glad that he passed, not for any other reason then he left the building a while back and the only one suffering were the ones that loved and understood him the most. I only hope that the twig I see in your eye isn’t nearly as big as the tree in my own.

it’s 1:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep well last night I had so much to do today that my brain woke up at 3 in the monring. I new that if I napped this afternoon and drank coffee I’d be up again and so I am. Things are going really well with the job, I’m happier now than in a very long time. Things are coming together in so many ways. I’m down to 233 (from 250). It will be one year being smoke-free at the end of this month. Sprirtually things are not much different than they have ever been with the exception that there is a peace with the journey. Everyone that is important to me is health and doing well which creates a great big space of gratitude in my life. I really need to down some valerian root caps and try and sleep. just wanted to make some noise since I was up.