Conscious Catholicism

I went to class as usual this morning. It was good we were working on fluid CSS web-design, which is actually pretty cool. So I came home for lunch, left for my DB class only to get there and find out that the class had been cancelled. Some guy doing some research for his church or so he said, one can never really know these things. Anyway, he asked me a bunch of questions about the church and religion in general. It was interesting. I headed up the hill to the Co-op food store for some stuff for dinner. I had planned on making butternut chicken curry with peppers and basil. Instead M and I met up, had a coffee and walked back home. BTW, I should mention it here. I’ve decided to use initials for folks to be considerate of there identities. Most people that know me know who I am referencing anyway.

So I get home and there is an email from the City about the job I have been waiting to hear about. They have been having a hard time checking my references aside from the usual when I worked and how much I made. Apparently the city asks some pretty intense questions. The email was telling me they were having these problems, that they needed at least two references to proceed. As an aside I take this as a very very good sign for my future employment with the city. Anyway, I called the references that I gave them, explained the situation and asked what they could do for me. I called my contact at the city and explained the situation with her, that my references would be happy to answer what questions they could. She indicated to me that they had wanted to make an offer by the end of last week but because they hadn’t been able to confirm my references they had to wait. Yet another possible good sign. In case I hadn’t mentioned it, I really want this job badly. Everything about it fits for me. Anyway, I have a good feeling about this and hopefully I will get a call from the city with an offer by the end of this week. If any of you are so inclined send good thoughts, or prayers in this directions that I get this job.


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