I forgot to mention that today is the last day for most of my classes. I have 2 projects to turn in monday and a math final on Tuesday and then thats it til april 5th when school starts up again. Next semster is only Tuesday and thursdays but I’m looking forward to it. Unless I get the job that I interviewed for earlier this week. That would so make me happy. I’m liking school but hating the lack of disposible income.

I caught David Letterman last night because I have this fascination with Courtney Love ever since I bumped into her at a porn shop on Santa Monica a few years back. She looks like shes had more work done on her face. She was just acting completely out of control, she couldn’t seem to answer any of the questions with a coherent sentence, how can she possibly mother Francis Bean? It makes you wonder if this is all mugging for the camera or what. Still she always grabs my attention.