Conscious Catholicism

Favorite Book: I’m rather embarrassed about this one because I started reading 5 different books, yet never finished any of them. As far as that goes, Jean Auel – The Shelters of Stone.

Favorite New Album: SealIV – Seal

Favorite Movie: LOTR – Return of the King

Most Significant Event this year: I would have to say returning to school and moving downtown have had the most impact on me.

Most Important lesson: This one isn’t new, its been repeated every year now for the last 4 years. Appreciate every breath and every moment you have with those important to you. We can and will be gone more quickly than we can imagine.

Saddest Event: Defiantly losing Failo in October. I miss him and the fallout for other people I love is really hard to think about.

Happiest Event: Having Nana and Dad visit here back in the Spring. It was such a joy to have them around and to enjoy there company. Secondarily, quitting smoking back in July. One of my brighter moments.

It’s a good thing to review. Overall, this is year was a really good year. It was punctuated by some moments of intense sadness as well as happiness. It is a fortunate thing that the moments of happiness outnumber the moments of sadness. I let go of some people that weren’t doing me any good (nor I them) back last Winter. Dad and Nana visited in the Spring, along with Michelle and Failo later on. Mike and I moved through some awkwardness in our evolving friendship. This Spring brought a family reunion in Colorado with my mom, sister, aunt/uncle and there family all getting together for my cousins wedding. It was a really fun time and a great visit with everyone.

The Summer brought the end of a contract (with ATT Wireless) and news that Mike and I would be moving out of our home of 5 years. It was a bit chaotic and exciting all at once. Kismit prevailed and we moved into the apartment we’d always talked about moving into. It also was the last visit we had with Fialo before his passing. It was so nice to hangout with Nathan, Michelle and Fialo. Living in the new place and in particular living downtown has already had such a strong impact on my life. My social circle has opened, I’m happier living down here. There is just more of everything, opportunity would be the word to summarize this change.

Fall this year has brought a return to school after almost 20 years. In late Summer I stumbled upon my avocation. The chips all fell into place and I returned to school in late August early September. I’ll be in school now until at least the Summer of 2005. I’ve really enjoyed it. My brain is having to work again in new ways and being a bit older than when I was last in school, I appreciate it more and am having a much more enjoyable time.

Winter this year hasn’t even arrived, at least not in the technical sense. I’m looking forward to Christmas at home with my babys (ratties and cats) and Mike. Spending time with new friends and some old ones to.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.