Tonight I’m heading over to Joey’s for what’s becoming a regular Saturday sleepover. I am really looking forward to being with him. I think we’re watching Magnolia tonight. I haven’t seen it before. I’m not sure what to pickup for dessert, I mean I know what I’m having, it’s what he’s eating I’m more preoccupied with. In keeping with the pseduo-sexual references, yesterday after I had picked Mike up we went to Babes in Toyland. We both needed more lube, and I had been wanting to pickup a new toy. The lube that I got is Eros, which has got to be the best most expensive in the world. It’s funny because when I was out the other night with some friends we somehow got on the topic of lube and Eros came up (so to speak). It’s silicone based, expensive, but requires a mear 2-3 drops, never gets tacky (which I hate) and lasts and lasts for those marathon sessions. It can be used with condoms as well.

I totally lazed out today, watched movies on the sofa, played with the Tobey, and the computer. Now it’s 4:30 already. I still have to shower, pickup earlier mentioned dessert, and straighten my room.

While reading an article online about RNC’s head, Ed Gillespie reaming out Howard Dean for comments indicating that the Dubya administration had prior knowledge regarding 9/11, I came accross a reference to the Carlyle Group. Here is an interesting article about said group and the connections within it. I’m not one for conspiracy theorys and other such nonesense but this is just creepy.