Conscious Catholicism

I am leaving tomorrow for Pullman, I’ll be doing the driving of course. I’ll be there through Sunday morning when I will head back home. I’m doing ok with Fialo’s passing its still really hard to absorb and take in. He was just here at the beginning of August, he and Nathan (and Michelle) helped me move. I’m so grateful that I had the oppurtunity to hangout and enjoy his company one last time.

On a different note, one of my classes was really kind of wierd today. I was in my Networking class and one of the other people in class asked the teacher to explain a point he had made. This guy behind me didn’t like it, he mumbled loud enough that everyone heard him, “that’s a stupid fuckin question”, “just let him give his lecture asshole.” I was taken aback needless to say, it just struck me as very angry and just well, wierd. After class was over the guy who he said it too, turned and said which of you was mumbling, I just pointed at the guy behind me. They started to discuss it and well long story short the last thing I heard the mumbler say to the guy asking the question was “You can’t tell me what to do!! if you’re that fuckin stupid then you need to get a tutor.” on it went as they continued to argue while walking down the hall. I don’t want to sit near either of them now. It was way too junior high for me, besides the question was relavent to what the teacher was talking about. I didn’t need to know it, but hey the other guy paid his tuition also and has every right to ask questions without fear of being verbally assaulted.

On a final note, the bird feeder that I hung on the porch has finally started attracting birds. There were a whole slew of chicadees (both male and female) taking turns eating from it.


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