Mike (not my ex and current roomate) called again last night to “see how I was doing”. In other words it was a booty call, he wanted to come over and have me fuck him. I like hanging with him but am not interested in him sexually certainly not interested in such manual sex. I think he’d be better off with a good vibrator, his hand and some imagination.

One of our cats started peeing on any clothes that I leave on my bed. This has happened twice. I’ve narrowed it down two of the cats. Dexter only occasionally scratches things. Begera has taken to sleeping with me; otherwise I would immediately think it was him. I’ve only seen Toby pee once and that was on my leather satchel. Either way, I was furious. They have litter that’s cleaned every day, so it’s definitely a behavioral thing. One of the suggestions I have gotten was to place the dry food bowl on the bed. Cats will rarely pee were they eat. I’m going to do what I can. Now that Mike and I aren’t sleeping together none of the cats sleep on the bed, except for Begera. They never really liked sleeping with me; I kick and move too much in my sleep for them. I sure hope this works.