Conscious Catholicism

I’m a little bummed out. I got the word yesterday that the job I’d been interviewing for all 3 hours worth, didn’t pan out. They didn’t hire anyone and will continue to look. Well, I still have school.

On another note, I’m all moved into the new place. I have to head up to the old place today to clean the frig and baseboards around the kitchen sink. I’ll drop off the keys and pickup the security depost check. I’m looking to all of that being over with. No more 735 N 95th anymore. It is a little strange living here. I find myself doing things almost automatically as if I were still living at the old house, like reaching for a coffee cup or when I wake up in the morning I oriented to the way things were. I lived there for so long it’s bound to happen.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.