I’m feeling really conflicted this morning. I discovered which of the cats it is that’s been peeing on my stuff. It’s the older one. This morning he peed on my bed directly, straight on the comforter. I was livid. He’s a fine cat aside from this behavioural issue. Tuesday morning I’m taking him to the pound. This is the 3rd time he’s done tihs and I cannot have it. The doctor said that they can give him meds but that’s not really a solution. they only might work. I feel like the big bad ogre, bringing the cat to the pound and almost certain death.

I suspect that things are going to get a bit tighter around here before they loosen up financially. Moving was very expensive. I forgot to take into account that grocerys are about 15% higher here in Downtown than they were up in Greenwood. I’m quility also in that I’ve gone out when I really shouldn’t have. I decided the day before that I’m not going to do it any longer. It’s too expensive and the only folks you meet are perves and freaks. But than again maybe it’s the places I’m going. I think Mike was a bit perturbed that I wasn’t going out with him last night. Oh well, he’ll deal. It’s just not jiving with the direction that I want to head in and hello it was a school night. I went to bed around 11ish and read for a bit.

I need to find work. I’m going nuts here not having anything other than looking for work to do. I have the school thing which I need to get on top of. The financial aid part is done, now the other stuff.

Mike (not my ex and current roomate) called again last night to “see how I was doing”. In other words it was a booty call, he wanted to come over and have me fuck him. I like hanging with him but am not interested in him sexually certainly not interested in such manual sex. I think he’d be better off with a good vibrator, his hand and some imagination.

One of our cats started peeing on any clothes that I leave on my bed. This has happened twice. I’ve narrowed it down two of the cats. Dexter only occasionally scratches things. Begera has taken to sleeping with me; otherwise I would immediately think it was him. I’ve only seen Toby pee once and that was on my leather satchel. Either way, I was furious. They have litter that’s cleaned every day, so it’s definitely a behavioral thing. One of the suggestions I have gotten was to place the dry food bowl on the bed. Cats will rarely pee were they eat. I’m going to do what I can. Now that Mike and I aren’t sleeping together none of the cats sleep on the bed, except for Begera. They never really liked sleeping with me; I kick and move too much in my sleep for them. I sure hope this works.

ok so sitting here listening to Godspell. Godspell was one of the earliest musicals that I was exposed to. Seeing as I have spent my share of time in monastery when I was younger. In fact if memory serves I saw Godspell for the first time with my grandmother, Mary Gleason-Ciancimino. Ok, so I’m crying a bit, indulge a 40 year old sentimental fool. I loved my grandmother more than anything in the world. She exposed me to so much, without my mom around without anyone. She shared things with me about all that IS that others couldn’t. She was Irish you know, Irish married to an Italian in New York now less. All my relatives were incredible, as I’m sure most of yours are. There was Uncle Tony, and Cinci. There was aunt Betty and so many others. I have been so Blessed to be born when I was to see and know these people. When I was growing up we had direction and Love and consistancy. I’m feeling very very grateful.

Busy day yesterday. I got a bunch of resumes out and hoofed it all over town. I took some time to go to St. James to meditate for a bit. It’s cool (temp), dark and serene there. Today is more of the same, job hunting. The good thing about all of this is that I can “feel” the right job making its way towards me. it’s all just a matter of time and space intersecting in the right way. In other words being in the right place at the right time with the right people. I’ve updated my resume to reflect the work I did at ATT Wireless. I’m thinking though that perhaps I should overhaul the thing to reflect my skills rather than the length of work. That I do contract work, always seems to scare folks when I’m looking for a longer term job. I don’t understand, most jobs these days don’t last longer than 2 years anyway. People hopping from place to place and companys having little to no loyalty to there employees. How can “they” expect employees to be loyal to any company when the investment yields so little in return?! I’ll be contacting SCC (Seattle Community College) today about returning this Fall. More later time to get started.

Things are finally settling into a patern here. I haven’t really slept very well since I moved here. Last night was the first night that I slept all the way through the night. Everything except for the fish tank and the computer scanner are setup now. I’ll be setting up the fishtank later on this morning and looking for the cable for the scanner. I’ve put in applications all over town for work and called all of my contacts. I have to get some paperwork filled in order to go back to school in the Fall, I should take care of that today. I”m trying not to worry about spending so much. Moving is expensive, very expensive. There has been a noticable shift in interactions with Mike. I’m catching myself not saying or asking things as much. This is a conscious effort on my part. It is a good thing. He is his own person, we shouldn’t interact as if we were still a couple. He doesn’t usually ask me for anything it was never his role or style. I was always the caregiver, director, mom. It’s in large part why our relationship as lovers became a friendship instead. He preferred to play the role that needed someone to care for him, look after him and direct his behaviour. He would of course disagree with this, however true it is. Anyway, that’s all over with. We are now just friends and roomates. There is still a bit of emotional sorting gonig on, some friends don’t understand why we both chose to live together after the relationship, they probably never will. It’s been a process of relearning to relate, which if the friendship is there is always worth it.

Another cup of coffee and I’m going to get a start on my chores for the day.

Phew, more cleaning and setting up of the apartment today. I’ve lost almost 8 pounds since the start of this move. I did take a break this afternoon to have lunch with a buddy of mine downtown. We went to Cafe Zum Zum, a Pakastani place that’s popular with the business lunch crowd. They serve 9 kinds of curry. My fave and the one I almost always get is Chicken Garbonzo bean over a bead of rice, YUM. Mike is taking the bus home back home to the new place for the first time tonight. It’s 620pm and he hasn’t gotten home yet. He leaves work at 5pm. I figured it would take him about an hour. He may have stuck around for a bit. I’m done with the cleaning now for the evening. I may go out later and have a cocktail after Mike gets home, I haven’t decided yet.

I’m a little bummed out. I got the word yesterday that the job I’d been interviewing for all 3 hours worth, didn’t pan out. They didn’t hire anyone and will continue to look. Well, I still have school.

On another note, I’m all moved into the new place. I have to head up to the old place today to clean the frig and baseboards around the kitchen sink. I’ll drop off the keys and pickup the security depost check. I’m looking to all of that being over with. No more 735 N 95th anymore. It is a little strange living here. I find myself doing things almost automatically as if I were still living at the old house, like reaching for a coffee cup or when I wake up in the morning I oriented to the way things were. I lived there for so long it’s bound to happen.

Ok, So Mike and I are finally moved in to the new place. I’m am exhausted beyond words and in desperate need of a foot rub. Poor kittys had to be hold up in the bedroom while we were moving things out of the old place and into the new. Mike and I just brought them over to the new place this afternoon. They have all come out from under my bed now and are exploring there new home. The computers are all hooked up, so that’s a good thing. The Tivo is hooked up also. I think I’m going to take a shower and head to bed. Mike and I have a lot of cleaning left to do over at the old place. I unpacked as the boxes were brought in. It worked out well, there are very few things left to unpack most things are setup, beauty.