Conscious Catholicism

One month and 8 days til Mike and I are in the new apartment and finally finally living downtown. The plans for this month are to get Dexter updated on his shots, and get ID chipped. He’s not an outdoor kitty, neither is Tobey for that matter, but with living downtown a little precaution is always a good idea. We have been getting boxes for the last little bit, so we will start packing on Saturdays from now until the end of the month or until everything is packed. Mikes sister, boyfriend and a friend are driving out from eastern WA at the beginning of next month and will help with the move. I was going to hire a mover but they offered to do it for half of what the movers would so we decided to keep it in the family and save some money in the process. Speaking of Michelle and Failo, they’ll be coming out to visit the weekend of the 4th for the holidays. It’ll be nice to see them again. They come out at least once a year, and we always have a good time. So the packing and moving end of things are covered. I really didn’t want this move to be a rushed affair. I’ve been sorting and packing and throwing away stuff now for almost a year little bit by little bit. I’m grateful for having done this now that it’s coming time to actually have to move.

Later today I’m heading down to Pikes Market to pick up some tea spoons for Nana’s teaset that I bought her recently. I’ll try and get this off to her later on when I get home. I also want to go to the german deli in the Market to pickup some more wieners and deli meats. Once you’ve gone german wiener, ordinary wieners just don’t (pardon the pun) cut the mustard any longer.

I’ve straightened the house a bit already this morning. I don’t see the point with us moving and everything but it just drives me f*cking crazy when it’s messy.

The bills are all paid through August so theres no worrys there. It’s straight cash to the bank for the move. I really want this move to hurry up and happen already. It’s not that I’m anticipating a great flurry of activity, I just want to get settled and start nesting again in the new place. I want to get into the new routines that will come with the move. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most, new routines being central to downtown and all that goes with it. NOT having to be the designated driver if Mike or Mathew or anyone else decides to go out. Well I should get my day started.


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