I went downtown yesterday with Mike to do some window shopping and try to beat the heat. Last night we went over to Maria’s and Veito’s for dinner. It was really nice, lots of fun. She had made a jambalaya and sausage n peppers. The jambalaya was to die for. It was scrumptious. One of Mikes other co-workers, John was there also. I mention John only because later on in the evening we were all sitting around on the porch having conversation about Veitos latest project, ghost research in the Seattle area. Well eventually John chimed in about how there really aren’t ghosts or dead people that they are really just demons in disguise. This of course made my hair bristle. It eventually led to the whole revelation that John is a fundie and as such really doesn’t think a whole lot of Mike and I being gay, even though he’s gone through multiple marriages and the only new testament excuse for divorce is infidelity after which you aren’t ever allowed to remarry, go figure. Anyway, the whole irrationality of his beliefs just bent me the wrong way. We took off after 11ish and came back to an overly warm house, it just must be gods way of getting Mike and I ready for eternal damnation.

Ok I’m really torn about Bagera and soliciting suggesionts. Some background, Bagerra is one of the cats that lives with Mike and I. Orginally he was Mathews, Mikes old roomate before me. Mathew has always had him until I moved in and he moved downtown. There was a cat already at the place that Matt moved to that didn’t get along well with the Bagerra. So Matt needed a home for him and asked Mike and I to foster him until he could take him. We both said yes, and so Bagerra has lived with us ever since. The problem now is twofold. Firstly, Bagerra has sprayed on the my chair and peed once on my carpet. Secondly, Intially each of the cats was going to cost us 500 deposit, which with Bagerra would have been 1500 in pet deposits. The second issue isn’t so bad, really as I got her to make it a total of 500 for all of the cats. My concern is primarily that he’ll spray to mark his teritorry once we move. He does the peeing thing in the hamper when he’s mad at Mike or me, the spraying thing was while my Dad and Nana were here awhile back and they were sleeping on “his” sofa and loveseat, so I’m fairly certain that it was a territorial thing. Mathew intially said that he would take him but has now said that he can’t because his landlord won’t let him. I told him he had to do something because a.) it was his cat and b.) it was his cat. I fairly certain he won’t do shit, Mathews just that way. Mike won’t even talk with me about it because Mikes just that way, neither of them seem able to make a decision and act on it. So yes, I’m a little pissed at both of them about this, mostly Mathew because he’s placing me in a difficult position by not acting. I really do like Bootygerra (that’s his nickname) he’s lived with us so long. I’m afraid if I take him to the shelter they’ll put him to sleep, he is 11 after all and most folks want kittens. None of the friends I’ve asked can take him, and I’m not certain it’s a good idea to bring him to the new place and have him spray or pee, of course he may not do either and that’s the kicker part. I’d be happy to bring him if he didn’t and I’m leaning towards just bringing him anyway, with the provision that if he sprays or pees once, he’s gone. So what do you’all think?

Monday morning. I went to bed really late last night, I slept ok but kept having dreams about having children. It’s supposed to get up into the 80’s today, not a good thing. It’s my least favorite time of the year here. I don’t like it when it gets much above 70. I am looking forward to it getting on into the Fall and the cooler weather. I got a call back from the job interview I went on last week. It’d be nice to get it, it’s down by the waterfront, very good money and salaried. I’d be able to walk to work through Pikes Market everyday. I’m not sure how busy a job it is though or why they’d need to interview me more than once. I was there for over an hour the last time.

The move is going well, although the house looks like shit right now. There is stuff everywhere. I can’t stand it and really can’t wait to get into the new place. Today Mike and I are gong to do a good portion of the packing. or least I’m going to pack.

Ok follow-up to this morning. 160 dollars later and Mikes got some really snazzy outfits. I have a new shirt some new underwear, and a new gadget for my puter.

I just got back from the Mariners game. How much fun was that!! I have to admit I’ve never been to a major league baseball game before. If I had gone when I was younger, I’d have so totally become a jock. LOL. I got to yell and scream, I got caught up in everythig that’s American, beer, hotdogs and men scratching them selves openly. The Mariners won 4-0 againest the Texas Rangers. It was a blast. I am going to have to start going to games more often. Craig is going to take me to my first SeaHawks game when the football season opens this Fall, well August close enough.

I’m just home to shower and get dressed again to go out to a friends birthday, theres going to be drag queens hamburgers and someone named Terrible Muriel.

I ddi really well last weekend. It was my first weekend out, at a club with smokers around me. I have two smoking triggers, whenever I’m having coffee (particularly at coffee houses), and also when I go to a club or bar and have been drinking. I keep reminding myself why I’m not smoking anymore, it’s better for me (and others) and because I feel so much better without the smoke. There are a few folks in my life that feel like I’ve taken on too much. I have stopped smoking, changing my diet and starting an exercise regimen. My goal is to get down to 200 by the end of this year. I needed to change the way I was eating anyway, diabetes and heart disease run in my family so it’s really trying to balance the odds in my favor. I’m carrying around an extra 40 pounds that I shouldn’t be.

I’m going with a friend of mine and a buddy of his to the Mariners game later today. this morning I’m going clothes shopping with Mike and Maria.

Just two more weeks and I’ll (and Mike) be in the new house on the hill. I am too excited for words. I’ve been spending much more time up on the hill, doing the shopping and stuff. Mostly because shopping is an almost religious experience for me (food shopping). I know it’s kind weird, but I get my kicks harmlessly. I think that I’ll be doing most of the shopping at the Safeway, they are less expensive the QFC, which I like more. I like Safeway , and they do have a mega store up on 14th here in Seattle, and it looks like they’ll be starting home delivery after the 28th. I like home delivery, some beefy guy bringing me my groceries.

well, time to shower and get ready to start the day. Maria will be here at 9am.

Old Movies

While packing today, I decided to transfer an old VCR tape that my aunt Alice had made up for me. The tape itself was a transfer of all the old old 8mm videos that my grandfather had made over the years. Some of the clips go all the back to the late 50’s early 60’s. It was the first time I got to see my mom walk and be herself. They are mostly Xmas home movies and such but it’s cool none the less to have this piece of family history. It’s important to transfer it to CDR and then I can play with it in iMovie after that. so it’s being encoded now, I hope the soundtrack comes through ok.

Yesterday, went to the Market and dicked around for a bit. I bought some donuts from the donut guy, he flirted with me a bit, which was nice.

I’m going to make a run to Freddies later to pickup some more plastic containers, they are the best for storing all of our respective shit.

I called MP while I was downtown yesteday, he wasn’t home. I didn’t really want to get together, just wanted to talk. Mike says I was looking for a booty call. So wrong, I can do the job so much better than most and with less fanfare or bother.

I don’t know why but the cats now have gas, Dexter’s lying on the kitty sofa near me and he just farted. Tobey was farting all last night. One word, acidophilus! I’m going to spike there wet food with it tonight.

We had Chad Thai last night for dinner. I was nicking for some good Phad Thai and Tom Kha kai. It was ok, definately not as good as Mae Phim, which is the best Thai I’ve eaten here in Seattle.

thanks Snowygirl:

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Boxes and Inspiration

More mundane moving shit today. Mike and I got the entire bedroom packed into plastic storage bins with handles. I’ve been buying them whenever they go on sale at Fred Myers. When we ran out of them today, I ran and got 8 more. They happened to be on sale, Lucky Me!! They are great for putting stuff into and will be much much easier to move then boxes. I’ll go back on Monday and pickup some more for the Xmas stuff and things that are already packed into boxes. I’d rather have stuff in these then boxes, much more organized.

Just 3 more weeks and then no one will have to listen to me bitch about the move anymore. LOL, instead it will be what the color scheme for my room is, or were I’m going to put the faux fireplace.

On a completely different note. I highly recommend everyone on my friends list check out Goddess Krings website. She is not only beautiful but a very moving ArTist.

One of the ideas that Goddess Kring has inspired is part of my homepage redesign. Once moved I plan on an art project I’m tentativly calling Capitol aRt – Visual Veins of Seattles. One of the definitions of veins is “a prevading character or quality.” One of the things about Seattle that I truly love is its character. It is such a unique city among the citys that I’ve lived in. There are many who come here but never stay long enough to discover the little things, the enduring things that make it such a wonderful place. I hope to visually capture that character from my perspective, from the point of view of what makes Seattle special. Anyway, thats the plan.

Dean Dean he's our man

Taken directly from Scott Hackers website, cause he expressed so clearly my feelings about Dean.

Stirring campaign announcement speech by Howard Dean. The more I learn about him, the more I like. And more than any candidate I’ve known of, Dean is using the collaborative power of the internet to build support. All politicians and candidates have had web sites, but Dean has a blog and a meetup space. More importantly, he’s somehow managed to generate more backing funds in a shorter period of time than analysts figured he’d be able to. There’s a lot to his platform, but what seems to be lighting fires is his blunt declaration that we’re not just living through a standard right-wing pendulum swing — the country has been taken over by extremists who don’t represent what most Americans believe America stands for.

3 hungry cats, no wet food at 630am is a very very bad thing. Tobey, adorable though annoyingly vocal as he is was having none of it. Poor Mike was trying to keep him quiet but he was determined to let me know (I was sleeping) that he wanted his wet food, damn it. I of course without the benefit of caffiene yet, and of course only recently having quit smoking was probably just as foul tempered as I could be at having been awakened at such an unspeakable hour. In other words I got up yelled at Tobey, had some coffee and am typing this now, seeing as I’m finally awake. Bad kitty, bad bad kitty.