I was just reading over the entrys since the beginning of the year those online and in my written journal as well. I’m actually really happy with everything this year. Last year sucked beyond words. I’ve managed in no small part to friends and family to accomplish almost all I’ve set out to do this year. There is still almost half a year left to go. There a few things on my plate that I’m looking to do. The first is to get back into school for the Fall. Next I would like to finish getting the mess that was my 20’s cleaned off of my credit report. I have been in process of cleaning my credit now for almost 3 years, it’s been slow but definately worth it. The thing about it is, once the stuff is off the only thing that remains is the stuff you haven’t cleaned up yet. This came home to me when I went for the apartment. I knew they would pull a copy of my credit report and so I explained and provided proof that I’ve been in the process of cleaning things up. The property management company came back and asked a few questions about the things that remained. I explained that living is expensive and that yes there were things still on my report but that they were the items that I hadn’t gotten to yet. This seemed to satisfy them.

So the good news is that we got the apartment!! Mike and I will be moving into the apartment at the beginning of August. I’ve had 2 movers come and give me estimates for the move. On another front, I’ve been going out more lately, drinking far too much beer, saying crazy things and making out with men I don’t know. It’s fine, and I think it’s all about being excited at moving to the hill, being single, Spring – rutting season and all that business. I realize that this is a momentary thing and sometimes good for me to let loose. I also realize how much of a control-freak I am when it comes to myself, the only guilt that I feel the next day is do to the way I run my mouth without checking in with my head the night before. I guess this is true of most folks, they just say whatever comes to them when drinking.

I met two new guys recently and have been on dates with both of them. I’m pretty sure that, although they’re nice enough guys, nothing is going to develop. Mikes birthday is coming up (June 28th), I bought him tickets to Mama Mia for the last show here in Seattle on the 29th. Maria, Myself and other close friends are taking him out for his birthday as well.

I can’t begin to say how excited I am about this move. I can see so many new beginnings happening. The nicest thing about this is that these new beginings are happening in an organic evolutionary way, not as the result of trauma, drama or upset. Well, the sun is rising through my window, it’s 5:30am so it seems as good as any to post this entry now.