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I haven’t written in awhile, still having major dental problems. The bridge that I had done back in Feb is still causing problems. I’ve been in and out of the dentist without any relief now about every two weeks. Dental pain sucks big time. I called this morning and esentially said that enough is enough, do something. My dentist gave me a referral to an endo guy. I went in and it is as I suspected 4 weeks ago. I have pulpitis, the nerve in my back tooth is dying a slow and very painful death. The two options are to either pull both of the bridge teeth, losing not only the teeth but the bridge and the money already invested or have a root canal on the back (#17) and hope that it doesn’t break the bridge. I’m opting for the root canal, I go in tomorrow at 1130am. this one isn’t covered by insurance so it’s going to be another 1200-1500 dollars on top of the already 2000 I’ve invested. Lesson here kids is brush your teeth and take care of those pearly whites, otherwise they will bite you in the wallet later on. Aside from my dental drama, work goes well. My dad and his wife, momma nana are visiting for a week this coming Wednesday. She has never been here to Seattle before and I am soo looking forward to showing her the city. She plans on cooking lots for Mike and myself. Shes from Kentucky, she knows how to cook lots of yummy, fattening and delious foods. I finally gave in today and started taking the vicodin again, I got nervous after reading some rather scarey articles on vicodin online. The tooth still sorta hurts after 1500mg of vicodin, but the opiates tell me I don’t care.

In Other news, I bought 5 new ratties about 3-4 weeks ago. One of the females died, rather quickly too (a relief). the other female, who’s name is baby, had 10 babys last Sunday. This is my second go around with baby rats, or pinkys. They are just the most adorable little critters. This brings my rat population back up to 15. I’m going to try and post pics on the website once they’re little eyes open. they turn into these little fur balls at around 2 weeks.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.