I had a very interesting meeting yesterday with my contracter. We went to lunch and discussed the current contract and a number of changes that are going on there. She believes that there are going to be some major changes coming along pretty soon, possible end of June, that would possibly affect my position there. My contract is supposed to run through the end of July. Then there are the interpersonal conflicts that are going there. My direct supervisor on the contract doesn’t espcially like the new gal that has come on board at the contract agency, the one I went to lunch with. I’m feeling kinda torn. I really enjoy the contract however, if all that was said about the company is true, it isn’t going to exist much longer than the end of the year, at least not in its present condition. I have that interview on the 3rd downtown with B of A which I’m looking forward to. I really think that it is in my best interest to get out ASAP into a more stable work situation. I have today and tomorrow off. I’m going to use the time to clean and rearrange. I’ve already gotten part of the computer room done. The ratties have been moved to a spot closer to my desk so that they can come out and hangout with me while I’m on the computer.

On a completely different note. Mike and I went downtown to R’ Place for a few cocktails on Saturday and to meet with a new friend of ours. It was really enjoyable. Mike and I talked at dinner about my idea for a new public access show. I’ve been mulling over some ideas that I have. I’m looking into creating a new show that’s very Seattle-centric, local personalitys and such. If any of my journal readers care to share there experiences with creating, doing, being in public access stuff, please feel free to share with me your experiences and any advise that you may have. Time to get back to the cleaning, cooking and spending time with the critters.

Up early today. I worked 10 hours yesterday, what a long day. I’ve been talking with the contract agency that placed me at ATT, and they confirmed that the gig is up July 29th. At least there’s sufficient time to start looking for something else. I really like it there, and the commutes not bad either. I did have an offer, more of a bite as it were, from B of A. I’ll be going in to meet with them on April 3rd. They are less money but mo’ benefits not the least of which is they are downtown. I like being downtown and I definitely like having benefits. I’ll continue to keep my eye out in the event something else presents itself. My schedule is a bit crazy and I wrestle with wether I like it or not. I work 4 10-hour shifts with Wed, Thurs, and Sat off. I’m kinda thinking I’d rather have those 3 days off in a row, like Sat, Sun and Mon off. The thing is I really like working Sunday so maybe I should ask for Thurs, Fri, and Saturday off.

On a completely different not. Mike and I are venturing downtown today, to the Market for mass consumption of food and possibly heading up to r’ Place for a beer or two this afternoon. Let’s hope the weather cooperates.

Now that everything is safe and sound in LA, my stuff that is. It is a real relief, no more 70$ a month storage fees to fret over. Things are coming together, but there’s so much more to do. I keep reminding myself, enjoy the journey enjoy the journey, that’s all there really is anyway. The arrival is almost always anti-climatic. Time for more coffee and off to get ready to go downtown.

I am up and it’s only 3am. The Vicoden wore off and my mouth is simply throbbing with pain. The crown that I had done, last week didn’t hurt nearly this bad. My gums around the temp bridge are swollen and painful. Is this normal? I had the work done 4 days ago. I took another vicoden just about 1/2 and hour ago hoping that the pain will go away. My worry is that the assistant didn’t do a good job with the temp bridge, which I’ll be wearing for another 2 weeks. It’s not just me, poor Mike, he had a pretty bad time with Crohn’s pain tonight. So much so he couldn’t lay down and was on the verge of tears. His doctor has him on a steroid for 5 days to reduce the swelling in his lungs from the asthma and brochial trouble. The problem is that this medicine is really hard on the tummy. I stayed up with him a bit but eventually had to go to sleep. He’s sleeping now, thank goddess. The vicoden is starting to kick in now and the pain is receding somewhat. I hope that I don’t have to take this stuff for the next 2 weeks. I hear it’s really addictive. time to go back to bed for a few more hours sleep before work.

I’ve been up since 4 this morning. I had prep work done last Wednesday for my bridge. I also had my crown put in. My teeth and gums are very sore, I’ve been taking vicoden since. I’m glad that this is almost over as it is the “big” work I’ll have to have done. I only have 2 cavities in my upper teeth, which will be quick work and much less expensive than the work I’m having done now. A couple of other notes to make. I got a call last week with an offer of permanent work for Bank of America doing tech support. This is a good thing. The only downside is that they are offering 5 dollars less and hour than I’m currently getting at ATT. Granted, the ATT is a contract and therefore doesn’t come with benefits, which the B of A job has (in spades). The work schedule at my current gig has changed a bit. I’m now working 9-8. I like it a bit more as I can stay up much later and not have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. The only exception to this is Sunday when i work 7-6, which I really like as all my shows are on and I get home earlier than during the 3 week days I work. Other than work I’ve been meeting some new friends and old acquaintances online which is always nice. The powerbook is back home, from Christine’s, and I have been using it more than my PC. I’m just loving having it, I feel so much more productive. The only program that I use regularly on the PC now is MS Money 2003. I really like that program, I’ve been using it consistently now for 2 years and it has definitely helped with keeping all of the finances in a better than healthy state. I wish that Microsoft would come out with a version for the MAC. I don’t imagine that they will but it would be nice. I’ve tried a few other Money like programs on the Mac, Quicken and a few others but they aren’t nearly as good. I’m compiling GNUCash right now and we’ll see how that one goes. Ideally what I’m looking for is something that will download my transactions from my banks website and plug them in without me having to import or type them by hand. Supposedly GnuCash will do this. Well, I should start getting dressed I have to leave for work in 15 mins or so.