Conscious Catholicism

Well I’m sad to share that Mike and I have seperated. He came home tonight and wanted to talk with me. We talked for almost an hour. He told me that he hasn’t been happy in our relationship since about last June and that he felt he needed to seperate from me. We are not breaking up as we both love each other very much, but due to circumstances and the paths our lives are taking us we need to seperate for right now. I’m really proud that he found the strength to talk with me now rather than let himself become hateful and bitter. I’m sad and a bit relieved and a bit scared all at the same time. I’m not working and have had a really difficult time finding work here. We are going to continue living the way that we are until are lease is up, January and start looking for seperate homes at that point. I have to believe that something better will come out of this. We’ve been together since July of 99. I have so much to do now, do I sell my things or wait and see were I find work, here or LA. It really is too much to try and absorb right now. I need to sleep on this.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.